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Despite the fact that its several days into “spring”, New York seems to still be experiencing some good ol’ winter weather. The groundhog lied!  With temperatures in the 30’s, and my winter coat still in full use these gusts of cold wind just  wont quit!

Over the weekend, with a pizza pie in my arms and a bag of donuts from Doughnut Plant, I walked carefully home for a junk food filled Friday night. I tucked my monthly metrocard into my coat pocket instead of my wallet and didn’t think anything of it. When I got home, I checked my pockets and my heart sank. It was gone. With an unlimited card now costing $112 per month and me just renewing it that very day, I couldn’t understand how it could just fall out of my pocket.

I sat and simmered on my sofa royally livid with myself for letting it happen. BR comforted me and even offered to replace my metrocard. But the feeling kept gnawing at me for a good hour and a half. I decided to take Mickey out for a walk, retracing the steps I took earlier. It was windy. I had doubt but I needed to see it was gone for myself. A block away from my apartment, in front of a bus stop, in the crazy wind, there lay my metrocard- completely untouched and waiting for me. I nearly cried. To make sure, I took it to a nearby train station to check the balance. Sure enough, it was my card.

I should have played the lotto!


I was in a really good mood. Imagine the luck!

Similar to the feeling of missing something, BR and I decided it was time to lighten things up a bit. Its so easy to get comfy in a relationship that you just eat things that make you feel good. One of BR’s favorite “feel good” meals, aside from pizza are wings. I can relate. There is something really satisfying about a piping hot order of crispy, spicy buffalo wings.

Remembering my early days of cooking, I looked to Rachael Ray for inspiration. There was no failure for 30 minute meals. And one of the first things I ever made from the RR collection was her Buffalo Chicken Chili. All the taste of buffalo wings but trimmed down and made into chili. No frying. Just lean ground chicken, lots of hot sauce, veggies and spices.


I did skip a few steps of Rachael’s, only because I had a bad experience with a broiler last time I made this dish. But I did just fine with a hot and spicy bowl of chicken chili with a drizzle of some creamy blue cheese dressing.


It was a perfect dish to give us that comfort we love in a basket of wings but without the need for wet naps after! I served this with some sweet corn bread to take the sting out of our mouths too, although the blue cheese did just fine. Rachael used crumbled blue cheese but the dressing was on hand.

While winter clings to life on the East Coast, why not make one last chili to send winter on its merry way. Maybe the fiery heat from this chili will bring the warmer weather.