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My good friend Arlenys, whom I had the pleasure of going to college with and now have as a coworker, invited me to lunch the other day. She’s starting to be more adventurous in the foodie world and wanted to take me to a restaurant that she loved and I had never heard of. The real kicker here was that the restaurant is vegan. Arlenys and I are Hispanic. Meat is a regular item at our dinner table. So, for Arlenys to rave about a vegan restaurant, well, it had to be good, right?


Wild Ginger in SoHo is a comfortable walking distance away from my office. The no frills signage is misleading as what awaits behind the doors at Wild Ginger will impress just about any meat eater.


To start, Wild Ginger is a quaint and cozy place.  There are about 12 tables inside but if you get a seat, grab a menu and have at it. I was a little unsure about a few things on the menu but the staff are really friendly and will make suggestions if you aren’t sure. I personally thought the lunch specials looked amazing.


We decided to start with some Seitan skewers which were amazing. The texture is very familiar, kind of like lean sandwich meat. The sauce was awesome too!

For my entrée I ordered the grilled tofu with mixed veggies. it came with the choice of brown coconut rice and regular brown rice. I chose the coconut rice- good lord was it good! Each entrée also came with a miso soup to start, a slice of steamed kombuca and a spring roll.

The price is right for lunch entrees here and the portions are excellent. Our meal total was $24. For 2 entrees and an appetizer, that’s a steal.

For affordable, healthy, tasty vegan fare, I know I will be back at Wild Ginger (ESPECIALLY) since its close to the office!