I have fallen off my Groupon Swag. It used to be a huge addiction. Buying Groupons because they are great deals and more often than not, they sit in my account and eventually expire.


I used to also hang out with my mom quite a bit. But living just across the street from her brought me to that level of comfort where I didn’t make any attempts to hang out with her because she lives just across the street. While suddenly recalling that I had a groupon waiting in the wings, very close to expiration, I called my mom (whom I speak to every day) and asked her out for a girls day. A much needed girls’ day.


And of course, in true mom fashion, we can’t just grab brunch in SoHo. She had to make an event of it and go shoe shopping. Anyone ever shoe shop with my mom? It’s an all-day event. But in the spirit of spending time with mom, I said “oh what the hell”.

David Burke Kitchen is a beautiful little spot somewhere in the back streets of SoHo. After what felt like an endless number of blocks, was only like 6, we finally reached DBK. It was downstairs of a hotel (I assume) and was beautifully lit but the mid-day sun. The Groupon I had required reservations and came with a pre-fixe menu. For $39, two of us dined a 3 course brunch, a value of $96. Not too shabby if you ask me.

The menu had a little bit of everything. The classic Eggs Benedict and French toast are common brunch items but we wanted to venture out just a bit.


This was the first time that I had an appetizer with Brunch but since it was included, I went with it. The offerings for starters was a choice between steel cut oats with cinnamon and brown sugar or greek yogurt with fruit and granola. Oats sounded really heavy to start with and we both wanted to enjoy our entrees so we both opted for yogurt.


A mammoth portion of creamy and tart greek yogurt drizzled with perfect amount of honey. It was speckled with clusters of granola and sweet berries. Mom and I devoured the yogurt with wide eyes and amazement. It was the best greek yogurt we have ever had- even putting the kind we make at home to shame.


Greek yogurt, as you may already know, comes with a whopping 18 grams of protein per 6 oz serving. We probably had two servings of yogurt in that bowl and the pangs of hunger were being replaced by the distention of a full belly.

I had the wits to order the chicken and shrimp salad for an entrée knowing that the starter would make a huge dent in our appetites and mom ordered the salmon. Since both dishes looked awesome to us, we opted to split the entrées. So, I had a salad AND some salmon and mom had the same.


The salad was deliciously fresh with perfectly cooked shrimp and tender grilled chicken. The salmon was a tad underdone than my mom would have liked but she still enjoyed it.


By the time dessert came around, we were completely full. The idea of cake at this point was daunting.


But then this gorgeous chocolate cake on my mother’s plate beckoned me, forcing me to abandon my passion fruit cheesecake. Together, mom and I battled chocolate cake. And we won!

Even more winning. While checking my phone towards the end of dinner, I noticed the deal for DBK brunch was back on. And just like that, mom and I bought two groupons each to come back for that damn greek yogurt…

And maybe the eggs benedict next time.