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I have read countless blogs with homemade doughnuts and always thought one day, I would have my own doughnut pan. The occasion to get a doughnut pan just never came up or never felt like a logical decision. But, I was feeling sorta whimsy while online shopping some months ago and using a gift card I received from the office for Christmas purchased this perfectly sized doughnut pan.

And then it sat in my cupboard for some months.


But then I had some serious urge to bake, which is rare these days with my lack of counter space and whipped out the ol doughnut pan.

My favorite doughnuts are dense and cake-like and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. It seemed simple enough so I did some research and found a recipe that I thought would be perfect. ( head over to HeathersFrenchPress for all her delicious photos and recipe instructions)


The doughnut batter was thick and reminded me of pancake batter. Rather than make a mess pouring the batter into the doughnut mold, I decided to make a piping bag to keep things neat.


The pastry bag was a great idea!


The doughnuts baked in no time.


The one mistake I  made in my eagerness to consume was forget to brush the doughnut with butter before rolling it in cinnamon sugar. The lack of butter made these taste like healthy baked doughnuts. I will be revisiting this recipe and definitely not omitting the roll in butter before smothering in delicious cinnamon sugar!

I love that stupid doughnut pan!!!

Also, there were a lot of coffee and doughnut brekkies. Can you blame us?