When BR and I were “just friends” 2 years ago, we loved to talk about life and mainly, school. I was giving serious thought to going back to school for my Masters Degree (which I FINALLY got around to doing recently) and he had just enrolled at New York Law School as an LLM Candidate in Financial Services Law (mouthful, right?). His passion for his studies was apparent immediately and his drive and motivation were inspiring. Also, a really attractive trait.

When our friendship became something more our summer romance, which was so new and exciting, was introduced to new variables which weren’t always easy in the beginning of our relationship. The months that followed were filled with evening classes, weekends at the Library and lots of nights in- studying. While he endured like a champ, its finally over.

Brent amongst hundreds of graduates.

On Sunday, on a miserable soggy rainy day, my family and I squeezed in to the very crowded Avery Fischer Hall at Lincoln Square and watched BR’s dream become a reality. He is now a full-fledged graduate from New York Law School with an LLM.

I am so very proud of him and honored to share this tremendous accomplishment with him!

Mayor Bloomberg giving commencement speech.

The ceremony was long. Like 3 hrs. Complete with a speech from the Mayor and several from outstanding students, the first 1 and ½ went by kinda quickly. Because of his advanced degree he sat on the stage while 600 Juris Doctor graduates had their names read off. One. By. One. For each of the graduates, they were entitled to 4 guests plus the advanced degree students and faculty. 4 x 800…whoa nelly. But, we survived. And meeting up was a cinch since I stalked his exit and got him before he could get lost in the sea of black robes.

Brent accepting his faux diploma. Brent walking off the stage.The assembly

We posed for some pictures and then made our way uptown to Londel’s Supper Club. Soul Food! Londel’s supper club is in Harlem and a true reliable in the Harlem community for upscale soul food and good jazz. The business is run by Londel and his partner, and they really truly care about their customers and guests.

Brent and Aunt EarleneBrent and my parentsMe and my Brent

BR entered the establishment in his graduation cap and gown. All eyes were on him. He was greeted with many congratulations and handshakes and the staff and patrons at Londel’s marveled at his true accomplishment. I beamed with pride as one of the wait staff said “DAMN! You’re gonna be the next Colin Powell!” That’s my man!

Brent and the owner of Londel's, Londel himself.

Even more amazing was the head chef, Frank, coming out to personally greet and congratulate Brent- And if that weren’t enough, brought him to the back to meet Londel, himself. After the amazing greeting we received, we sat down for a well-deserved and much needed brunch after enduring a graduation ceremony on merely a half of a power bar.

A Champagne Toast

Brunch at Londel’s is offered Buffet style. While en route, we dreamed of plates and plates of mac and cheese, collard greens, fried chicken, potato salad, ribs, and whatever else was there. It didn’t stand a chance in our minds. But once we got our complimentary champagne, we filled our first plate and never got back up. The sampling of everything we initially took was enough to not only satiate us, but completely inundate our appetites. We had hopes of taking advantage of the buffet and subsequently, waved the white napkin in defeat. Delicious defeat.

The first and only plate we consumed at the buffet.

We left with a great appreciation for experiencing Londel’s and make note to come back on jazz night. The all you can eat buffet is definitely not needed… All I need is fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. 🙂

Me and Brent at Londel's in Harlem

Me and Brent at Londel’s in Harlem

A huge congratulations to my love, and even though I have congratulated him tons, I am just so damn proud of him!

My handsome guy.

My handsome guy.