This month, I decided to participate in the Foodie PenPal program again. After monthly (and drool inducing) posts from my friend Kristy, I decided to plunge back into the program. I crossed my fingers as relying on strangers can be tricky, and was extremely lucky to be picked by the lovely Deb.


This was Deb’s first time participating in the program and she really hit the ground running. Our initial email was to introduce myself and provide a shipping address; I also provided my list of likes and dislikes. I am pretty much open to anything and a link to my blog was provided. She chose a bunch of things that were not only amazing, but were brilliant on her part!


Enclosed were the following:


Mediterranean crackers. I tore into these with some peppery hummus. Pure heaven.


Dried Fennel sausage. Dried meat. YUM! MORE please!


Sweet Onion Tortilla chips: I tore into them the day I received them. Salty craving: done!


Smoked Sea Salt: She read my blog. She knows me. I can’t wait to use this stuff!


And the best chocolate peanut butter candies I have EVER tried. The Nectar Nugget candies are my official crack!

Thank you so much Deb for being so insightful and thoughtful!