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The rest of the trip was much better! You all are so wonderful with your feedback. Thank you!


After we put aside the fact that we would be sleeping in separate beds, not be returning to the dining room to eat with Barbie and Ken, and me having to be on Dramamine for the rest of the trip, we had fun! The saving graces were our excursions, which I purchased on a whim a week before the cruise. Oh Excursions, how I love thee! They could be expensive but are so worth it- especially when being on the boat makes you sick to your stomach!


Our first stop was in Key West. We had the option of just exploring the 4 mile by 2 mile island on our own but the idea of tour seemed ideal. I booked a pub crawl through Carnival and had a fantastic time! For $50 a person, BR and I got a tour with a complimentary T-Shirt, a little history and a free drink at each of the 5 bars we visited. The weather was a bit brutal and after hurricane rain felt extremely hot and humid.


Our tour guide, Beau was a riot and packed in a bunch of fun facts about Key West in addition to great detail on drinks and inappropriate Facebook photo ops. We drank a lot and had our first bite of Key Lime pie! Delish! Unfortunately, we drank too much, came back on board and passed out. We missed formal night. But we weren’t too upset over it since we weren’t in the mood to chat with our dinner mates anyway. We ordered room service (which is FREE, btw) and had an awesome picnic on the floor of our cabin while watching Gladiator. Being high on Dramamine, drinking ginger ale and enjoying a pretty tasty Shrimp salad sandwich was the perfect end to the day.


The following day we docked in Cozumel, Mexico. Out of all the places and excursions of the trip, this was what I was looking forward to the most. With the help of a cruise forum (www.cruisecritic.com), I found a great deal of things to do in Cozumel without booking through Carnival. There was the option of snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and even renting a jet ski, but ultimately, I wanted Cozumel to be quiet and romantic- basically everything I wanted out of my trip. (I should note, its totally okay to not book ANY excursions as both the Cozumel Port and the Key West Port have plenty to do if you want to explore on your own). Through the forum, I was told about beach resorts that, for a price, offer all inclusive meals and drinks with a lounge chair reservation on a beach with a hot tub and pool. Nachi Cocom fit the bill perfectly. Each day, Nachi accepts 100 reservations per day and offers a 3 course lunch with unlimited beverages for $55 per person. They had water activities and massages available at extra costs but all I needed was blue ocean water, a margarita and a palapa.


This place was amazing! The food was awesome.


The service even better and the amenities made 6 hrs on the beach the best 6 hours of the entire trip! No spring break behavior is allowed here so it’s perfect for that quiet and relaxing day at the beach. Do yourself a favor if you cruise with a stop in Cozumel, go to Nachi Cocom.


We were in such a great mood that we went to the Caribbean pool party that same evening and danced to reggae and calypso music all night.


It’s also where I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. If you’re going to a tropical island- pack bug repellent!

The next and final full day of the cruise was a full day at sea. With the weather being so ideal for lounging, we woke up early, had breakfast on the lido deck (mornings were really bad with regards to sea sickness) and reserved lounge chairs by 9am. We took advantage of people sleeping in and enjoyed the quiet pool and hot tub. By 11, BR was ready for the room to relax and I stood on the deck reading a book. Lots of kids were out by this time and doing cannon balls in the hot tub while screaming like maniacs. Just as I was about to be done with the pool, BR met me for lunch. We left our things on our lounge chairs as its cruise code for “taken”. We were gone for 20 minutes max and came back to a small gang of tweens sprawled out on my belongings having a picnic. I took my things and retired to the room.

It seems the hot summer sun is stronger when at sea. I was completely wiped after 6 hours in the sun and needed a siesta. The nap recharged me and while I was still feeling all kinds of nausea, I popped more Dramamine and went to see a show in the ships theatre. While watching the cheesy yet entertaining performance, my stomach lurched with every movement the boat made. The performers have my sincerest respect for performing so beautifully!  We retired early and packed for our much anticipated arrival in Miami! Stay tuned for Part 3.