Today is the big reveal day for June Foodie Pen Pals. I have really been loving the program minus a snag a few months ago. But the Foodie Pen Pal program is for anyone- bloggers and non bloggers. The process of joining requires you to sign up via the lean green bean before the 5th of the current month. Then, after you have successfully signed up, the organizer sends you an email with the names of all the participants. You contact your person and have them send you their list of likes/dislikes/allergies and shipping address. By the 20th, you mail out a box of goodies with a spending limit of $15 and then on reveal day (the end of the month) you share what you got and who gave it to you.

Its been really fun. Out of the 5 times I participated, only one time was kind of a disaster. But it’s a great way to try new things or items specific to a place you have never been to or to make new friends in great wide web.

Caitie drew my name this month and sent me some real winners!

She sent a note and I must say- nice handwriting!


Along with the note were some goodies.

–        Cookie butter ( my own personal crack)

–        Handmade chocolate peanut butter fudge (my drug of choice)

–        A can of Dulce de Leche (FLAN!)

–        And a bar of chocolate with sea salt.


She nailed it! I was extremely happy with the goodies and have pretty much demolished everything but the cookie butter (I have self-control! Who knew?!?)

Wanna get in on the fun??? You should! You don’t even need a blog to do it. You just need an address!