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Last week, I had the awesome privilege of attending the Lipton Summer Tastes Party with Katherine McPhee! A casual but intimate little shindig featuring some delectable Lipton Iced Teas mixed up by the amazing Scott Fitzgerald and tasty bites.


BR was my date to this Seaport Beach party and I was able to meet some new faces (Hi Ashley!) and see some I haven’t seen in a long time (the lovely Stacy)! After we checked into the event, we walked to the sandy man made “beach” with sparklers.

I was playing on a school night. It was wicked cool. I gussied up a tiny bit because I had a photo op with Katherine McPhee… Woot!


I wore some strappy wedge sandals which were good choices for a sun dress but the sand in the shoes was annoying. Luckily, there were buckets of flip flops courtesy of Lipton all over the place.


There were mocktails and cocktails available and BR and I imbibed. My favorite was the Berried Green Tea spiked with vodka, and his was the mint julep. I was sent over the recipes so I thought I would share with you:

Berried Green Tea with Pomegranate Recipe
1 Lipton® Tea & Honey Blackberry Pomegranate Iced Green Tea Mix To Go Packet
1 bottle (16.9 fl. oz.) chilled water
1/4 cup fresh blueberries and sliced strawberries
Combine Lipton® Tea & Honey with water in small pitcher and stir until tea is completely
dissolved. Stir in berries. Serve in ice-filled glasses.
Alcohol recommendation: Vodka


Mint Tea Juleps Recipe
2 sprigs fresh mint
1 bottle Lipton® Ready to Drink Diet Green Tea Citrus
2/3 cup orange juice
Thoroughly crush mint with wooden spoon on side of pitcher. Stir in Lipton® Ready to Drink
Diet Green Tea Citrus and orange juice. Let stand at room temperature 30 minutes. Remove
mint. Chill until ready to serve. Serve in ice-filled glasses and garnish, if desired, with
additional mint.
Alcohol recommendation: Bourbon


Not long into the event, Ms. McPhee showed up. She looked awesome… she was freezing but she looked great. I was in love with her shoes.


I waited around a little bit while they passed out delicious bites. This puffy rice cracker of sorts with tuna tartare on it was the bees knees but the real winner…


..were these fried chicken dumplings. They were Amazing. So much so that we kept stalking the woman with the chicken dumplings. When she said “You again?” I decided to pull back.


This spicy shrimp and guac on endive was pretty good too… but I didn’t have too much time to munch, I had a serious photo op coming up.


Katherine McPhee is the sweetest. On the windy deck, we posed for a photo. My hair was whipping in my face and I said “Wait! My hair is in my face!” so she turned to me and said “Oh no! Get your hair off of your face” and she brushed my hair out of my face. We cheesed. I thanked her and she touched the back of my hair and said I had gorgeous hair.

:: Blush ::


The unveiling of this magnificent orb submitted by Pratt Institute allowed for some great pics. Of course all the important people were in the front…


And that’s why I crawled on my knees in between them to get unobstructed views of the lovely Ms. McPhee.


Shes always camera ready, isnt she?


More Food! We sat down letting all these delicious trays be presented in front of us. The sun was setting and NYC was beautiful to behold. I gave BR the camera to hold so that I can eat and drink at the same time.



But he took some really awesome shots!


The 24hrs of sunlight orb from Pratt.


Some chick. (me.)


The Brooklyn Bridge and downtown Brooklyn!


The financial district.

The event was awesome. I got to meet a lot of great people, took a lot of great pics and tasted some pretty amazing food (omg chicken dumplings!).

The lovely ladies who organized the Lipton event sent me a delicious and thirst quenching gift pack as well as one for a lucky reader. Enclosed in the gift pack is an array of single mix iced teas, pitcher sized portions of tea and some bottles. The perfect sampler for the summer!


You want in?

Leave me a comment in this post about an occasion where you met a celeb. Did you choke? Did you do anything embarrassing?

Contest ends on Sunday, July 7th and I will contact the winner on Monday July 8th.