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Lots of little gems popping up in the East Williamsburg area. Gone are the “cuchifritos” and bakeries I grew up knowing existed and in their place are spiffy new hipster restaurants. The avenue of Puerto Rico, otherwise known as Graham Avenue (Grah-Ham to the locals), is now home to several new restaurants but the one that caught my eye first was Eastwick. Eastwick. The name plays on its location of East Williamsburg and very close proximity to Bushwick.

It’s still a few months old but on a random Friday night, BR and I found ourselves absolutely sick of take out and not in the mood to cook. It didn’t take long for me to figure out where would go. We live, literally, steps away from some great establishments and we set out on a journey to feast wherever our feet took us.


For a Friday evening, Eastwick was desolate. But then again, BR and I usually have dinner between 6 and 7, which according to NY standards is considered early. (if visiting NY, know the peak dinner times are between 8- 10, or what I like to call bedtime.) We grabbed a seat and were warmly greeted by the charming waitress.

Since it was technically happy hour, the special for an appetizer and drink was $9. Surely a deal that will not last long if enough people catch on- especially with the huge portions they dole out for apps! Sign me up!


We started with some cocktails. Why not since they were $5, right? I had a simple Stella Artois which was refreshing on a muggy evening. BR had a unique beverage that was written in Hebrew. A licorice tasting beverage that paid homage to the jewish community. My thoughts on this drink I couldn’t pronounce? DELISH! Instantly regretted ordering a beer!

But I made a note to remember it for next time. I wanted to really enjoy the empty restaurant and decided to order an appetizer. The mac and cheese was calling my name. I asked BR to share with me… he’s not really into sharing but I ask any way because sometimes he surprises me with a yes. His only request was that we make it a large portion of mac and cheese.


A short while later a giant bowl of piping hot macaroni and cheese topped with crispy bread crumbs and garlic was before us. A creamy white sauce smothered the macaroni and the herbs and spices added made this a decked out version of our favorite comfort. With the spoons they provided, we shoveled food into our mouths greedily. When the waitress came to check on her, we grunted in satisfaction.

After having that massive bowl of mac and cheese as an appetizer, that appetizer and drink special was starting to sound better and better. Note to self: Every day should have a happy hour… or any day I don’t feel like cooking.


Our entrees arrived. BR kept it all American with a huge juicy burger with crispy applewood smoked bacon and sharp cheddar cheese piled on top. Alongside his burger was a mess of matchstick fries and all the fixings. He dove in and loved it. I wasn’t really in the mood for a burger but did steal some of his fries since he had so many to spare.


I was too busy concentrating on the bowl of braised short ribs over mashed potatoes. This was really good, but if I am being honest, tazzina still makes braised short ribs the best. For times when I crave braised short ribs, Eastwick is a pleasant walk away from home, whereas Tazzina requires a bit more travel. Eastwick will more than suffice. The mashed potatoes were fluffy and smooth while the meat came right off the bone. Having so much macaroni and cheese to start left just enough room to finish my meal.

There was NO room for Dessert.

This place is awesome, though! Looking forward to trying everything on their menu and even visiting for Brunch !