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My routine on the weekend typically involves waking up at an unusually early hour for a weekend (7am?!?), deciding on who will walk the dog in the morning (usually BR), then deciding on breakfast. The big conundrum we face as early risers is the lack of restaurants open at 9am when we are starving for breakfast. Sure, there are diners and sure we can order in but had been SO LONG since we went out for brunch that I was insisting we find a place open by 10am. By the time we actually got ready, I had decided on a place and as we were walking to the place (that shall not be named), I had a split second decision to go somewhere familiar. Le Barricou.

Familiar is totally the wrong word since the last time I had dined there was literally 2 weeks after I moved into my apartment; that’s over a year ago if you’re counting.  After initially annoying BR with my last minute decision, his frustration with my inability to make a decision melted away once we were seated inside the shabby chic little bistro. And it was Bastille Day to boot! Awesome coincidence.

The downside was that Le Barricou was cash only and we were down to dollars and cents in our bank account. All we had on us was $30. ::bites finger nails::

Luckily, the brunch menu at Le Barricou was REALLY reasonable! Of course we didn’t opt for fancy coffees or appetizers like we normally would but coming in for a good breakfast on a dime never felt so good.

BR was in the mood for pancakes and at $9 a plate, how could he resist!?! The waitress burst his bubble when she mentioned the pancakes take 30 minutes because they are prepared in the oven. Sad, BR turned down the pancakes but the waitress redeemed herself by suggesting the French Toast which was her personal favorite; at $9 for a plate, he couldn’t say no. 

I, on the other hand, opted for something with eggs. And rich tangy hollandaise. With some spinach for good health… (who am I kidding) The eggs Florentine ($12) was a sight to behold!


BR’s French Toast was phenomenal. Two SLABS of thick crusty bread dredged in eggs and sugar and then cooked on the flat top. The sugar caramelized onto that bread creating a crisp seal of goodness around the bread. It allowed for a delicate crunch with soft eggy innards of a perfect French toast. They provided a slab of butter and a vessel filled with maple syrup. BR slabbed the butter on and dipped each bite for a perfect combination of sweet and savory. He was a happy boy. After having a bite- I could clearly see what all the fuss was about. Screw the Challah French toast I loved a child, this is one bad mother- shut-yo-mouf!


Now, my eggs Florentine was a sight of beauty. Their hollandaise sauce was spot on. I have had shitty hollandaise and this did not disappoint. Two perfectly poached eggs atop fresh spinach and a toasted English muffin with a perfectly dressed side salad; I was in heaven.

It felt so wonderful to treat ourselves to brunch, even if were on a tight budget. The check came in at just under $24 after taxes we had just enough to leave a good tip without a trip to the ATM. Mission: Accomplished.

Le Barricou is a great find! Not recommending that you dine with only $30 in your pocket, but do indulge here! A great experience is in store for you.