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I have developed a new obsession.

Bento Lunch boxes.

I love everything about them. The portion control. The small compartments that allow me to have a balanced meal. And the portability. Bye Bye bulky containers.

I spied the amazing bento containers on my instagram feed. Fellow blogger, FeistyFoodie, has a bento obsession too and she was extremely helpful recommending a great (and affordable) vessel for me to get my bento on.

The bento love is so strong that even BR has developed a love for bento lunches and got his own! We are a bento obsessed and bento loving couple. His is just a little bigger than mine- but still compact. 

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on the bentos (as well as questions of where to buy) so I decided that I share them. And maybe whenever I have a few.


Grilled chicken and sautéed zucchini with farm fresh cherries, Apricots and homemade cucumber kimchi.


Leftover Eggplant parmesan over whole wheat capellini, apricots, cucumbers and golden tomatoes.


Sauteed Chicken and purple peppers (that turn green when cooked!), purple carrots, Farm Fresh cremini mushrooms and garlic rosemary potatoes.


(BR’s lunch) Smoked Gouda and dried salami with bagel chips and cucumbers to dip into homemade garlicky hummus.


(That time we shared a bento) Tuna salad  with bagel chips, farm fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and smoked gouda.

These lunches are so simple and feel so balanced! We are surely the envy of the office when we open up our adorable bento lunches.

Been getting inspiration from pinterest, facebook, and instagram. Getting a bento? Already a bento enthusiast? SHOW ME! I would LOVE to see what you are feasting on.