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Last Friday, my mother, BR and I decided to leave work early to take advantage of a leisurely lunch.  Since it was also Restaurant Week, we made reservations at Gotham Bar and Grill, a swanky little restaurant tucked away in between University Place and 5th Avenue on 12th street in Manhattan.

From what I already know about Gotham, I can tell you that:

-President Obama has eaten there several times

-My Godfather loves it here, and ate here on his birthday

-I cannot afford it, ever. Except for Restaurant Week.

With this being the first time I ever managed to snag a reservation for Restaurant Week at Gotham, the three of us made a day of it. We dressed up. We left work early. And I documented the whole thing via instagram. If you follow me, then you already know these photos are old news.


It started out as a great day. A light breezy 80ish degree kind of day. BR and I got to Gotham early and waited for my mother. Since it was well after 2pm, we were on the hungry slash cranky side. BR is very serious when he’s hungry or tired. And usually, those make the best photo ops. I captured this awesome pic of BR just looking down the street for any sign of my mom.

Once she arrived, we were seated immediately. I was happy to see we weren’t the only people taking advantage of the $25 pre fix lunch special.


Our server was very charming and witty. He was patient when we needed more time to order. I had offered to split some things with my mom on account that she is a little picky with certain items but she said no because the portions are Gotham are… well, small.

How small?


Well, take a look at her ceviche. With such a grand description of cod fish with watermelon and melon puree with citrus elements, the sliver of fish in a green broth- completely delicious- but oh so tiny. She offered me a bite but I let her enjoy her two bite appetizer. She liked it but was hoping for ceviche reminiscent of the one she got in Costa Rica.


BR and I opted for salad which was also a smallish portion but was very good. Chunks of creamy goat cheese with farm fresh cherry tomatoes and crisp shredded lettuce. It was perfectly dressed in a buttermilk ranch dressing.


For the entrée, BR and mom ordered the Strip Loin with summer corn and sweet polenta. BR looked disappointed. He loved his meal but the 3 slices of strip loin broke his heart. We jokingly spoke of where the next lunch will be immediately following our current lunch. BR was not joking.


I ordered the seared sea bass with sautéed zucchini, smoked eggplant puree and chipotle foam. The fish was cooked perfectly. Nice crust on the skin with tender flakes of fish. The eggplant puree was awesome as was the zucchini… I could totally do without the foam.

Since mom hates polenta, I gave her my vegetables. But the bites that I had, sure were delicious!


We all had the chocolate cake for dessert with almond ice cream. The dessert was waaaay too rich but they only gave us a sliver of cake. The cake appeared crumbly but had a fudgy consistency like a flourless cake. The almond ice cream was far too sweet for my liking.

Overall, we had a pretty decent lunch. Were we satisfied? YES! But we are greedy folks. We need a little more than 3 oz of meat and fish.

I did really like Gotham but I don’t see a follow up in my future…Unless BR hits the lottery.