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On a typical Sunday afternoon, you can find me in the kitchen preparing a hearty dinner to prepare for the work week. The big meal is enjoyed around 4pm and all the leftovers are packed into containers for the week ahead. With an abundance of summer greens constantly coming in, thanks to my CSA, I decided to incorporate as much of my veggies as possible into dinner. With a giant head of spinach and more zucchini than I could tolerate, I decided to revisit a recipe.

From the archives of 2011, I found this spinach lasagna roll up. I cannot believe its been that long since I have made this! I was first inspired by Gina at Skinny Taste and Now, my inspiration lies within the fresh summer veggies that keep coming in.


This meal is very inexpensive to prepare and a little can go a long way. I have mentioned before how perfect this dish is if you are looking to control your portions. Prepared this way, its easy to see 12 equal portions.


The only changes that I made to this recipe included swapping frozen spinach for fresh and adding shredded zucchini – all the leftover zucchini was sliced, breaded and baked. Recipe here.


I had two pieces of lasagna. I don’t regret it for a second.


The special man in your life might need 3 pieces… or 4 if hes super hungry. But since I added some oven baked zucchini, a little went a long way.


Now, if I see another zucchini, I might hurt somebody.

I kid, I kid.