Another week, Another menu. Being over the 2 week hump was great. Realizing that there are only 2 weeks left was surreal! We are at a point right now where we want to continue to eat this way and be somewhat flexible when we go out with friends and the occasional cheat day. It’s all about balance and how we feel.

BR has zero side effects from this new change in our diet. I on the other hand seem to be going through all the motions of my body adjusting to this. It’s easy to hear my side effects and then someone says “just stop doing this and eat normal again!” but these things seem minor.  Things like, my monthly cycle coming early and more ferocious than ever… sucks. But I am getting older and it will always change. It’s also sticking around for longer than normal. Again, it’s not the end of the world. I have also become very itchy. Not just everywhere but in different, and odd places of my body. My inner thigh itched like crazy. Then a spot on my ankle. Then a spot on my pelvis… even a spot on my butt. After a few applications of hydrocortisone cream, no more itch. I am well into the 3rd week as I am writing this and for now, nothing else has gone wrong.

Before you go and think I am crazy, I will add that I have noticed after eating a meal, I no longer feel gassy. Before Paleo, I would eat cauliflower and be in agony for hours after. Now, BR and I split a head of cauliflower for dinner and suffer zero effects. ZERO. No belly aches. No bloaty gas. And No dutch ovens at bed time. He would rather not have any veggies… but he is impressed by how well he is digesting.

Day 15: We had a brunch date with an old friend of mine. She was awesome to be flexible with our dietary requests and picked a place for late afternoon. Since we are early risers, I made us a quick and light breakfast to hold us over. Pan Seared flounder with tomato fondue. It was perfect for breakfast. When we headed out for brunch, we had the Farmers Breakfast from Prime Meats. Eggs, thick cut bacon, ham and sausage. It came with potatoes and toast but they happily swapped it out for a side salad. And for good measure, we each ordered a fruit salad. We behaved. Then ended up a Trader Joes where I stock piled canned sardines. PROTEIN Powerhouses!  For dinner, I roasted some free range chicken and paired it with sautéed cabbage with bacon and sweet plantains. I ate way too much. I still felt bloated from the kani salad.

ay 16: Did not feel like making bacon in the AM. Boiled and egg instead topped with guacamole and opened a can of sardines with olive oil. It was very filling. I only ate half of the sardines. Felt ridiculously satisfied all the way up until lunch!! Enjoyed eating the meal from the night before at lunch time, bento style. Decided to start counting my calories to make myself more accountable for what I put in my mouth since I am starting to feel entitled to 2nd helpings. Dinner was awesome! Grilled lamb chops with roasted creole cauliflower, bacon swiss chard and an Asian cucumber salad. Total cal intake for the day: 1419

Day 17: I decided to elevate my canned fish for breakfast game and opened a can of smoked trout. Took one bite and fell in love. Did not share with Brent. Ate the entire can. Had a cup of coffee after. Dreamt about smoked trout all day. Lunch was leftover bolgnese, defrosted and served over ZOODLES with a peach, some cauliflower and swiss chard. I am in love with the zoodles. I also am in love with midday tea breaks. I haven’t had afternoon coffee in weeks. I am so happy! (Although the aroma of a cup of coffee light and sweet, still makes me swoon).  For dinner I pan seared some grass fed steak, served it on top of an arugula salad dressed in honey mustard vinaigrette with a side of plantains. I was very satisfied today! Total Cal intake: 1416

Day 18: Against my own advice, I forgo the magical smoked trout and opted for 2 slices of bacon, a soft boiled egg and an overripe nectarine. I ate at 7:30am and was hungry around 11. I ate a banana and drank a mug of Earl Grey. I watched the minutes tick by in anticipation of my lunch. Roasted free range chicken breast smothered in sautéed peppers and scallions accompanied by some kimchi, roasted cauliflower and turnips sautéed with bacon.  For dinner I made some beautiful pork chops with garlicky sautéed bok choy with broccoli. I went to the gym and banked 600 calories by kickin ass on the elliptical. Total cal intake: 1626

Day 19: Woke up feeling super parched. Added a glass of coconut water to breakfast. 1 hard-boiled egg, half a can of smoked herring and half of a sliced avocado. The herring tastes different to me so I had a hard time getting it down. BR has decided to stop eating breakfast (against my own advice) because it makes him feel queasy. He has a mug of tea with a spoon of raw honey. Lunch is a leftover pork chop, with leftover bok choy with the addition of sautéed mushrooms from our CSA, a peach and some more kimchi. I skipped the gym today. For some reason coming home to dinner in the slow cooker made me ravenous. I could think of nothing more than diving into the slow cooker and relaxing. SO, I did. Spanish Style Beef stew with sweet potatoes, cauliflower mash and a sweet plantain. So awesome. And there has been a chill in the air that made devouring this stew a dream. Tea and chocolate for dessert. Total Cal intake: 1470

Day 20: It’s Friday. In a great mood. Looking forward to my CSA delivery and groceries. Who doesn’t love a freshly filled fridge! Smoked trout (my favorite), a hard boiled egg, and a sweet nectarine for breakfast. Love my some trout! Lunch was leftover beef stew with cauli-mash with the addition of leftover veggies. Sauteed turnips, roasted cauliflower and boiled broccolini. BR loves to order in on the weekends and using a new app: Healthy Out, we can search for dishes in our area that are paleo-friendly. I find a café nearby that does grilled salmon and vegetables. He has a craving for chicken wings and orders from a Salad and Grill place. When my salmon arrives, its covered in a mystery cream sauce. Extremely off putting. I pulled the salmon out of the sauce and scraped off all the sauce. I salvaged most of my veggies and go to town. BR’s dinner arrived completely wrong. The salad and grill place is actually a fried chicken place. He receives an order of breaded chicken wings. He’s not happy. But it was there, we paid for it and it was an accident. So I told him to enjoy the cheat and we will move on tomorrow. He ate the chicken then proceeded to feel nauseous, headachy, and lethargic.  The salmon ruined my stomach. I had a terrible stomach for the entire evening that lasted throughout the following day. Morale of the story: don’t cheat.  Total cal intake: 1287

Day 21: Big breakfast day! BR and I like to have a brunch-style breakfast on the weekends. It’s a nice treat. I make a plate of bacon, a pot of mangu with caramelized onions, and sunny side eggs. A very satisfying meal. Even my dog benefitted from the bacon love. We hit the gym and do some weights, some elliptical and some treadmill. Had good fuel in our belly. Burned 700 calories. Was hungry around 2 so I made lamb meatballs with swiss chard and sweet plantains. For dinner I planned to make steamed mussels with marinara sauce and kelp noodles. No plan B. The mussels were amazing. The kelp noodles were AWFUL.  Zoodles are SO MUCH BETTER. Just eating mussels didn’t cut it for us so we ordered in some steaks with guacamole and plantains. A lot of plantains today. Total cal intake: 1792

Discoveries: Healthy Out App! Love it for emergencies.

Overall: We are eating well.  BR asked that we incorporate more fish into our diets. I am definitely okay with this. Our grocery budget is about $50 higher per week, which considering how much organic and grass fed stuff we buy now, I say that’s not bad at all. 

Got a haircut this week. Love my haircut and on days when its pulled back, a lot of people are asking if I changed my hair. My face is going in. Makes my haircut more obvious. Woot!

One more week go to go!!! Crazy!