We all know how much I love my Slow Cookers. But my 2nd favorite appliance is my Keurig. I was first introduced to my Keurig when I moved to Queens with my first roommate. He had a Keurig (that he never used) and invited me to share the appliance. After my first hit, I was hooked. I got smart about my K-Cups, I had a morning routine. And then, he moved out and took the Keurig with him.

Investing (because its a little pricey) was the best move I ever made. Some may find the K-Cups in general to be a little costly but there are reusable K-cups on the market that allow the user to put their choice of tea of coffee to brew. I have found some Keurig compatible pods at my local BJs that is not only inexpensive, but delicious.

DP0218201317020146M(Meet my new baby, the K75 Platinum Keurig)

Since making the switch to a mostly Paleo diet, one of the things that have weaned is my coffee consumption. I still love my coffee but not having that milky sweet cup 3-4 times per day has made me rely on a good strong cup of coffee in the morning and replace the extra cups with tea. I have rekindled my love for tea and now instead of snacks in my office drawer, lie several different types of tea.

I have fallen back in love with tea and am a huge fan of black or green teas. Its not even about the healthful benefits, thanks to all the natural antioxidants, but its the replacing the need to snack with having a satisfying cup of tea.

The wonderful people at Lipton have recently come out with liptons own line of K-cups. When asked if i wanted to try, i saw no better opportunity to test out my newly rekindled love for tea and test it out on my beloved Keurig.


The tea line includes Indulge, a black tea blend, Soothe, a green tea blend, and Refresh, an iced sweet tea.

Right off the bat, I will say that I have not really been fond of sweet tea- but that has nothing to do with Lipton. I’m an iced coffee girl.

The other two teas, Indulge and Soothe, are amazing. BR is even a fan since he switched back to morning teas once milk and sugar were taken out of our coffee. The Indulge, is a black tea blend that is almost creamy and aromatic. There are vanilla and caramel notes that makes this tea a real treat. It has a bit of caffeine in it so it will give you a little boost too.

The Soothe is a green tea blended with citrus flavors. This is the most refreshing green tea I have ever had. In all honesty, this is my favorite of the bunch. Its slightly fruity and tastes great even over ice. I brewed this tea and halfway through it, I left it where it cooled down and was so good cold so i brewed it on the smallest cup setting into a large glass filled with ice. It doesn’t even need sweetener.

So, why am I telling you about all this??

Well, One lucky reader will have a chance to win a gift pack of Lipton K cups! AND a brand new Keurig coffee maker! A retail value of $205. Please enter by leaving me a comment with your favorite kind of tea (or coffee) by 11:59PM Eastern Time on Friday October 25, 2013.

Good Luck!!