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Peeps are all about nostalgia to me. I was never a huge fan of marshmallows but every Easter, you better believe I was devouring Peeps like it was my job. There’s something about those cute little shapes showered in sugar that make them so damn delicious. And I used to even pop them in the microwave for 5 seconds to make them ooey and gooey.

Over the years, Peeps have transitioned into a more mainstream candy. Whether its Easter, Christmas, Halloween or what have you, there is a Peep for it! Last year, I took my loot of Peeps and turned them into the Peeple’s Brownies.  This year, I was asked to play around with Halloween Peeps to see what I came up with.


I decided to incorporate the bright colors of the Pumpkin Peeps into a cereal treat of sorts. I was limited to what I could prepare because I was only a matter of weeks into my Paleo regiment. I really wanted to make a Rice Krispy Treat type of dessert with the Peeps and thought it would work out just as well with a different cereal. Kashi Go Lean is filled with fiber and protein but tastes really good- so why not use it in place of Rice Krispy Treats! Hell, use any cereal you like!


Makes 24 pieces


3 Tbsp butter, or butter substitute

3 packs of Ghost Peeps

1 pack of Pumpkin Peeps

1 regular size box of Kashi Go Lean, or cereal of choice

optional: 3 chocolate covered pumpkin peeps


In a large pot, melt the butter over a low flame. When the butter is completely melted, add the pumpkin and ghost peeps. To maintain their colors, and avoid mixing, keep the peeps separated. Move them around so they melt evenly without crossing the colors.


Once the Peeps are melted, take the pot off the flame and add the entire box of cereal. Fold until the cereal is coated with melted peeps.


In a lightly greased, or wax paper lined baking dish (9X13), pour the cereal and peeps mixture and spread evenly.


Feel free to leave the treats as is. Allow to cool and once hardened, slice into even squares and store in an airtight container.


That wasn’t enough for me, though. I decided to take the dark chocolate covered marshmallow peeps and melt them in the microwave for about 5 -8 seconds…


And spread onto the top of the treats for color and more sticky power. IMG_1224

Once the treats cooled, I sliced them up and stored them in  an air tight container.


I had to take a few tastes to make sure they were blog worthy. They were amazing. I don’t know if I will ever use Rice Krispies again. These were crunchy and while the cereal is not overly sweet, the peeps add the right amount of sweetness to make these fly off your counter; or in my case, the free food table at the office.

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