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I have had a dining table for close to 5 years. I have had dinner at said dining table only a handful of times. A travesty really. I found a beautiful table on the IKEA website all those years ago and made a note to one day treat my first apartment to a dining table; at $250- it felt like quite a chunk of change. Later that day, while on craigslist, i found the same exact table for $75. The table was in pristine condition and I almost felt guilty taking the table off of the young man’s hands. But the dining table collected dust. Even after i moved back to Brooklyn.

BR and I normally dine in front of the television on snack trays. And I hadn’t considered our dining habits when I purchased two fancy schmancy lobsters for dinner. Eating lobster on a snack tray?


It was simple. I pulled out the table from its corner in the apartment. Cleaned it off and created a dining environment worthy of the lobster. Sun Soaked. Clean. Inviting.


Steaming fresh lobster in my basket steamer for 20 minutes and placing each 1.5 lb lobster on a plate with family style servings of sauteed garlick green beans and pan roasted fingerling potatoes.

We sat down to eat. We gave thanks for our food and as we were about to dig in realized we lacked the tools to gracefully remove the lobster shell from the sweet flesh.

So, there went the whole dining in a civilized fashion. I fetched the kitchen shears and we proceeded to rip, cut, and slurp the meat out of our lobster shells while abandoning the forks near our plates to eat green beans and potatoes with our bare hands.


….and we regret nothing.

A delicious treat and a fantastic use of my dining table.

I’d like to say its in frequent rotation now that we have pulled it away from its corner.

I would like to say that. But I’m afraid my snack trays will get jealous.