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i absolutely love Fridays, i mean, who doesnt?

Its not just the reward you get for getting through a work week, its CSA day! I have been getting a parcel of farm fresh produce delivered to my door since June. I absolutely love it. More times than not, i get an email from my CSA alerting me what is in the parcel each week and the order is pretty standard. But sometimes there’s a little something thrown in just because.

This particular week?


I was also in the middle of my pantry detox so I decided to challenge myself with the task of stuffing them with what I had on hand. (basically nothing).

All i had on hand was some cream cheese, parm cheese, and some spices. I got to slicing the jalapenos and removing the seeds and knew I really really wanted to stuff them.

Since I love jalapeno poppers, I tried to mimic that without deep frying.

So, I mixed together 4 oz of cream cheese, 2 Tbsp parm cheese, and a little grandulated garlic. Then I filled the peppers with them. Sprinkled them with parm cheese for good measure and baked them at 400* for 20 minutes. IMG_1080I sat on the couch with a plate of stuffed jalapenos in my glory while watching Once Upon A Time… didnt share either! Apparently BR hates any kind of stuffed vegetable.

oh well, More for me!

Stuff all the vegetables!

with cheese!