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For as long as I can remember, i have wanted a roasting pan. Watching cooking shows where chefs pull this gleaming roasting pan out of the oven with a perfectly roasted chicken to match. I’ve considered making the purchase but the one thing I cannot justify is where I would store said roasting pan. Known for its impeccable roasting, the pan itself can take up, what seems like, the entire studio sized kitchen. So I have had to improvise.

I have used baking pans and had success roasting chickens… but left with the soggy bottom as the chicken cooks in its own juices without proper elevation.

That’s when I found this beauty:IMG_0939

This adjustable roasting rack from sur la table was not only compact, but it was super cheap at $9.95.


As soon as I brought it home, i had a beautiful chicken waiting for it. I seasoned my chicken with all my reliables: butter, garlic, salt, pepper, onion, and cayenne.

I blasted the chicken at 425* for 50 minutes.

IMG_0941The results were a crisped skin, yet juicy fleshed chicken that stayed crisp on the skill all the way around.

It was delicious! I think i have professed my love of roasted chicken plenty of times on this blog before but I really like this roasting rack. It adjusts to different sizes and heights to accommodate different meats. Ham. duck. chicken, turkey. whatever. it keeps the meat off of the bottom of the pan to swirl in its juices- which isnt a bad thing!

My only gripe is the rack is annoying to clean. But thats what boyfriends are for- doing dishes!