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Restaurant Week is amazing. I have been a long time fan of Restaurant Week and can even remember the first meal I sat down to at the formerly known Planet Thailand in Williamsburg 10 years ago- grilled swordfish. If your local neighborhood hosts a restaurant week, I highly recommend it. Its a great way to check out whats around- while it may not give you the entire experience the restaurant would normally provide, its still a nice sneak peak. And for me, it gives me an opportunity to dine somewhere I might not normally dine at for a fraction of the cost.

For the final stretch of the most recent Restaurant Week, I rounded up some coworkers and friends for a 3 course dinner at Blue Smoke in the Tribeca area. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much- its BBQ style cuisine. But months have passed since my last time at Blue Smoke and I still think about how much I enjoyed dinner there.  IMAG1609

We made reservations at Blue Smoke after work on a Friday. It was pretty busy- a true testament to how good the food is. It smelled strongly of smoked meats- so if thats not your thing, you have been warned.

I was armed with a group of eaters so we all agreed to get different things and share them all. Except for BR. He went off the RW menu and ordered a rack of ribs. That was what he wanted and that was what he got. IMAG1610

For appetizers we all got chicken wings and fried ravioli. There was a salad option but who has time for salad?? i kid.

The wings were pretty standard. A sticky and  spicy bbq sauce. We all enjoyed them but we really loved the fried ravioli. IMAG1611

For our entrees we ordered the ribs and the smoked chicken. The smoked chicken was just okay. Definitely cant compete with a half rack of ribs. IMAG1612

The ribs were amazing. Great smoky flavor and incredibly tender meat. IMAG1614

We decided to order a few side dishes just in case the ribs werent enough. Just an FYI, the ribs ARE enough!

The mac and cheese was creamy and reminded me of a super cheesy velveeta. I am more partial to the baked mac and cheese that is more cheesy, then saucy. But that doesnt mean we didnt dip the smoked chicken into the mac and cheese sauce… IMAG1615

we also ordered fries. They were crisp on the outside with a mushy center- my favorite! IMAG1617

For dessert, we all decided to order one of each. The chocolate cake, the banana cream pie and the blueberry crumble.

First of all, this chocolate was EVERYTHING. We all sat there with 3 desserts between us and spoons flying everywhere. Each bite better than the last. IMAG1619

The banana cream pie was smooth and creamy- very tasty but in the line up of desserts, it fell in last place. But thats just how good the others were. IMAG1620And while I can go for a slab of that chocolate cake pictured above, the blueberry crumble was my absolute favorite of the evening. It came warm with a crisp topping and a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream.

This was one Helluva meal! One that was not only affordable but one that we all enjoyed tremendously! Looking forward to the next restaurant week- or just a random Friday night when we need some good hearty ribs!