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I LOVE instagram! I have made mention in previous posts how Instagram inspired a lot of my Paleo experiments. While following the hashtag “Paleo”, I came upon a ton of great recipes and meal ideas.

I had an instant love for Stupid Easy Paleo’s instagram who turns out to also have a blog AND a cookbook. Her recipes are nothing short of amazing and she features a lot of dishes turned paleo- and I have to say, her posts always make me hungry and always make me laugh.

Somewhere between 80 and 90 days of straight Paleo eating, I was jonesing for a SANDWICH. Like, two slices of bread, fluffy texture and all- sinking my teeth into them with something heavenly in between. It was getting ridiculous. And lo and behold, I happened upon Sweet Plantain Buns.

Bread made of sweet plantains!?!?!

Hold me!

Her instructions could not have been easier!


1 large ripe plantain

1 egg

3 Tbsp coconut flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

I combined all the ingredients in my bullet (that I dropped and shattered shortly after using it that very morning ::cries::). Then placed the “dough”, which is more like a batter, in a large plastic baggie with a corner snipped to make a pastry bag. Then I piped circular “pancakes” of the batter into a hot and lightly buttered skillet. i cooked for a couple of minutes on each side. IMAG2025I served the buns with some bacon and eggs. I might need a new vessel to combine the ingredients because the buns were a little crumbly and not as “sturdy” as I had hoped.

HOWEVER. it  was definitely tasty. Just need to work on the method of preparation since my bullet is toast.

MMM. Toast.