My coworker, Dan, and I have been friends for as long as we have worked together. NINE YEARS. In those 9 years, he has seen me through countless ex-boyfriends, endless happy hours, and our favorite annual tradition- SUPER BOWL! And as much as he was there for me, I was there for him when he introduced me to his then-girlfriend. And I was there when he told me he was going to propose. They married and a few short years later were blessed with the arrival of their precious son, Nate. Of course, I was at the hospital hours after he was born!


So, it came as no surprise that BR and I attend Nate’s first birthday party!



To start, the theme of the party was Circus! And cutie pie Nate was the Ring Master! The carnival theme with a popcorn machine, bright colors, and tons of candy was perfect!


The birthday boy allowed me to hold him while the party got started. We took advantage of all the photo opportunities until….


Until, well, Nate was done with us. ALL OF US.

BR and I always have the bestest times at these birthday parties!

Perfect opportunity to “clown around” a bit….