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So now that I am officially a grown woman, in a grown relationship, BR and I opted to stay in for Valentine’s Day this year.

Oh, right, Valentine’s day was over a month ago.


Despite my complete disregard for agenda’s and time management, I am going to proceed to share our Valentine’s Day lineup.

One thing I have grown tired of is crowds. I have never loved crowds actually but my tolerance seems to be getting lower and lower. So when Valentine’s Day fell on Friday, BR and I looked at each other and decided to have a night in and have dinner on another night of the week.

I had the menu all planned with BR when suddenly, BR emailed me telling me he had a late meeting. And then the grocery provider emailed me to tell me they couldn’t fulfill my dinner order… until 8pm!

Must. Not. Cry.


I jet out of work early to accommodate my new, EARLY, dinner delivery slot. I prepped our lobster tails, crab cakes, and scrubbed the potatoes while the cupcakes reached room temperature.

I anxiously waited for BR to come home so we could feast and Binge Watch House of Cards (!!!!).


And when he walked in with roses, cold champagne and chocolates, every tiny thing that went wrong earlier in the day seemed so distant and forgotten…


and then we went IN on those lobsters!


We stood up until 4 AM watching House of Cards that night.

Valentine ’s Day Success!


…Except the cupcakes kinda sucked.