Sometime around Christmas, my friend Danielle and I planned a night in with a home cooked meal, wine, cheese and Christmas tree decorating. We wanted to start some kind of tradition since we were decorating my tree. What ended up happening was we sang Mariah Carey Christmas songs on Pandora at the top of our lungs, consumed every drop of wine in the apartment and polished off several pieces of cheese along with crackers and salami leaving ZERO room for the dinner I planned to serve us after our “appetizers”.


But a new tradition was born. Our monthly wine and cheese night. While creating our lineup I remembered the cheese slate Brent got me for Christmas the year before. I felt bad having never used it but now that we have a monthly wine and cheese night, the slate is my favorite thing ever.

Recently, Danielle came over with some new cheeses she discovered at Trader Joes. Bacon Cheddar, Smoked Gouda (Hands Down, Brents all-time favorite cheese), Gorgonzola, quince paste, and salami with crackers. I provided a crisp white wine for Brent and Danielle while I sipped a fruity malbec.


I absolutely love our wine and cheese nights. We get really creative with our combinations. That gorgonzola with the quince paste was a surprise winner for us. And have since added a spicy raspberry jam to the fruit spread.


I will admit that at the last wine and cheese party we had, Brent and Danielle got into a spirited game of who could blow out the candle from far away. Despite hot candle wax being blown all over the table, we had a good laugh. And Danielle kicked Brent’s butt every time!


Brent is a good sport.