Hey party people.

Looks like we last spoke almost 2 months ago. Yikes.

Change is good. Between Brent starting a new job, wedding planning, and moving- finding ME time is difficult. We have been having a great summer though. Barbecues. Parties. Baby Showers. Weddings. It feels like we are officially adults.

Just the other day, I said yes to the dress. As I stood in front of the mirror on the pedestal at RK Bridal with my bridal party giving enthusiastic applause, I realized this was happening. It’s not just a ring on my finger or a day dream from when I was kid. I am literally getting married. Even at 30 years old, I still don’t feel old enough for this rite of passage. Being someone’s wife. Having a husband. I am officially a grown up.

I know this probably doesn’t make much sense but it’s a beautiful realization that I feel blessed to experience.

This summer has also allowed me to reconnect with friends. My old roommate, Diana, is really killing it in her culinary career. She’s climbed the ladder and is now a sous chef at a celebrity chef restaurant. Considering how hard this girl works, this promotion is so well-deserved! Can’t wait to see her own her own restaurant!

One of our favorite past times is eating Filipino food. Don’t know what it is or how it started but every time we go out, we go out for Filipino food.

On this occasion, we went to East Village’s Maharlika. Makarlika has been on our list for more than a year. And when we FINALLY got there, there were no holds barred. I had purposefully eaten a bowl of lettuce for the day just so I could enjoy every single morsel.

Spoiler Alert: Maharlika is AMAZING. And we cannot wait to go back for Fried Adobo Chicken and Ube Waffles.

When we sat down for dinner on a Wednesday evening, we were presented with a bowl of chicken skin chips. These were awesome dipped in a chili sauce. Much like the bread basket that you get at your favorite Italian restaurant, these chicken skins were addicting. Not too greasy and super crunchy!


The next item we ordered is a MUST at every Filipino restaurant we go to. Sizzling Sisig. A delicious cast iron skillet of crispy pork skin, pig ear, pig snout and some meat from the head. Not for everyone, for sure. But once it arrives sizzling in the pan, a raw egg is added to it and quickly mixed for a creamy texture.


We enjoyed it with a side of garlic fried white. Another must on Filipino food adventures- sadly, not all the places we have been to have had this dish. We were really happy with it.


We snacked on a grilled octopus that was the perfect texture. While it was delicious, among the other dishes was a kind of forgettable.


Lechon Kawali is closest to my Puerto Rican roots and is a definite favorite for me. A fried pork shoulder that has crispy crunchy skin with succulent meat underneath. Amazing when paired with a chili sauce and some garlic rice.


The prawns over vermicelli were a first for me. The prawns were nice and meaty but the vermicelli were a little salty. Pretty much cooked in soy sauce. Good but not stellar.


The thing I can’t stop thinking about is the Filipino pork sausage. I can still recall the sweetness from the sausage. It was unlike anything I have ever tried. They have an entrée featuring this sausage and you better believe it will be mine!


Just for fun, we ordered a vegetable. It’s all about balance, right? We opted for the grilled baby bok choy. I think we each ate 2 hearts. We were so full. They had a delicious char to them and a nice crunch.


We considered getting dessert but were too full to continue. The skies opened up and a downpour came out of nowhere and we found ourselves seeking shelter in a nearby pub digesting over two beers.

I loved hanging out with Diana and I loved our feast at Maharlika. Can’t wait to go back for that chicken and waffle dish!!!