My Bridal Shower was two weeks ago.






The fact that I am a bride has not fully sunk in.


My wedding is in 3 months! THREE!

Building up to the Shower, my lovely mother and amazing bridesmaids made the executive decision that I wear a “white” dress to my shower. As a plus sized woman, white is probably the one color that I would NEVER EVER wear (wedding day doesn’t count). And as the all showed me their gorgeous black and lace dresses, I was trying on sheets, tents, and even potato sacks. Of course, I’m exaggerating. But after weeks of online ordering and returning, I finally found a dress that was comfortable, stylish and not at all like a potato sack.


Thank you The dress was named White Haute Cocoa. Very appropriate.


The one thing I got to decide for my shower was WHERE. We had all toyed around with different ideas but jeez NYC is an expensive place.


Speaking with recently wed Sarah, she inspired me with her lovely dim sum bridal shower to have just that. A Dim Sum Bridal Shower. I love dim sum and I love something different.


I gave the tip to my planners and they went with it. My job was to wear something white and arrive.

On November 9th, Brent escorted me to the bustling area of Chinatown where I entered Jing Fong for several hours of delicious dishes. I wish I had pictures of the food but being the honorary guest made me feel obligated to bounce from table to table to speak to my dear friends. Some highlights: Bacon wrapped shrimp, dumplings, steamed broccoli, shrimp fried rice, sweet and sour pork, walnut shrimp, beef with broccoli and roasted chicken. (took home leftovers for days!)


We played a few bridal shower games. Toilet paper bride. Whats in your purse. Etc.


And my cake. Oh Me, Oh My. I requested a Dominican Cake and boy did they deliver. A huge cake with strawberry filling and meringue icing. Dominican cake can be pretty hit or miss but this was awesome. The cake was dense but not dry or overly moist. The frosting was sweet but over powering at all. Score to the girls for choosing a bakery in my hood that sells the cake by the slice ($1.25 for a slab!!!) 10410270_10152847110610421_6997482719957952679_n

We had some extra time to kill so I opened presents! Yay Presents! I got 2 ninja blenders (!!!!!!!) 2 cake plates, an awesome wine basket for the first year of marriage, and a beautiful spa basket (from my bridesmaids!) I also received monetary contributions to my honeymoon registry. ^.^

This really happened.


I hear there is a bachelorette party in the works.

Pray for me.