Four years ago, doctors told us her days were numbered because of an aneurysm in her stomach. And with that warning, we treated every day as if it were her last; extra dessert, more kisses and hugs! But the Lord above gave us four years with my grandmother before her took her home.

The last 4 years weren’t particularly easy. With her mobility decreasing and her strength weakening- she was still fighting, I began to think the doctors didn’t know what they were talking about. Almost 2 years ago, grannie took a fall. And then another fall. And with each fall it became more and more difficult to get back up. It was then that the family made the decision to place grannie in an assisted living facility. A place where she would be independent but have the safety net of 24 hour assistance, should she fall or need immediate medical care. Oh boy was grannie upset. But our family decided together that this was the best decision for her and if she opened up to it, she would have a great time.

In the last year, she has fallen several times breaking a hip and even cracking her head to need staples! But every time, she pulled through.

My grandmother was so strong. With her 87th birthday just weeks away, I never once thought “this is the end”. But I saw her the day after thanksgiving with my fiancé, mother and father. We brought her leftovers and she went to town on them even after saying she wasn’t hungry. She kept telling us she saw my grandfather who has been passed away for over 15 years now and even then it still didn’t sink in.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, grannie got to speak to ALL of her children and grandchildren. And on December 4th, she took her last breath. She woke up at the crack of dawn like she always did. Got dressed, brushed her hair, put on her perfume and lipstick and made her way to breakfast but she wasn’t feeling well.  She complained of a stomach ache and said she was going to lay down for a little while.  She laid down and never woke up.


To sit here and cry over the loss of my grandmother is selfish. Her life was long and full of love. I am so grateful for the time that I have had with her- 31 years of love! And there were times where she forgot what day of the week it was or whether or not she had lunch but she always knew my name and asked how my dog was, how my fiancé was, how my new job was.  She always put others and their needs before her own.

Her heart was physically unhealthy but spiritually, it was pure and filled with love. It saddens me she didn’t live to see Brent and I walk down the aisle but I am comforted by knowing she gave us her blessing and loved him as if he were her own grandson.

This year has been filled with challenges but one thing is certain, I feel closer to my family more than ever before. Brent is not my husband yet but he FEELS like my husband and he has been my ROCK through all of this.  We have come together and are connecting on deeper levels.


Just goes to show you that, grandma is bringing us all together in the name of love, even after her passing.

Rest in Peace, Grannie!