I have been thinking about this post for WEEKS. Maybe even months. Since we last spoke there has been a slew of news. Every moment I sat down to write or send an update something happened that took me away from it.

Since we last spoke, I had lost my grandmother. And after that the following happened:
– I got the flu with bronchitis (3 weeks before the wedding)
– Brent got the flu right after (2 weeks before the wedding)
– I needed an emergency root canal a week before the wedding
– I had a bachelorette party
– The weather predicted -20 degrees for my wedding day
– I have been working 60 hour weeks
That’s quite a bit of things.
But let’s start from where we left off.
My bridesmaids got to work on creating a night of pure good fun after all the Flu and Root Canals or whatever. I was told to dress nicely and be ready by 6pm.
When they arrived at 6, we took pictures and adorned ourselves with naughty pins, the traditional Bride to Be Sash, and a bridal tiara. I kissed my fiancé goodbye as he went out for steak and whiskey with his buddies and hopped in a cab with my ladies to Midtown East.
When my engagement became public info, there was lots of talk about party buses and male strippers. I quickly but the kibosh on those notions as the last party of the sorts I went to like that still gives me the creeps.
The girls were very open to my idea of a drag show and told me to let them figure out the rest. I wanted a group that was small and intimate as Bachelorette Parties, to me, are for the bride and her bridal party plus a few more close friends.
I got just what I wanted as we pulled up at LIPS for the 8pm show. My last roommate, Diana, was holding down our table while Patty (my bestie from Kew Gardens), my bridesmaids (Arlenys and Danielle), and I made our way to the table. The décor is gaudy and tacky with leopard print wall paper with hot pink pillows, chandeliers and wigs- I loved every bit of it!
We were greeted by a Queen who looked like Lucille Ball with the mouth of a sailor. We cracked jokes and were given an explanation on the menu. Ticket admission guarantees a 3 course dinner: Salad, main course and dessert. Drinks and appetizers are extra. The choices in entrée were slim. Burger. Chicken Parm. Penne A La Vodka. Salad. The choices were safe. Something easy to reheat and something nearly everyone would eat. We all got the pasta or chicken parm.
Drinks were pricey, small, and sweet.
The bridesmaids were whispering to our waitress and before I knew it, another crown was being placed on my head.
Trouble would soon ensue.
We were served our food immediately and just as soon as the plates arrived, we ate and soon the plates disappeared. We were left with dessert to eat while the show started. Some great parodies of Call Me Maybe and Its Raining Men. Birthday shout outs and the like.
Midway through the show, I was brought on stage and asked ridiculously embarrassing questions about my fiancé. Great photo ops and laughs. Shortly after my stage time, the show was over and we got a group shot before we hit up the nearest bar for shots, shots and more shots.
As the night progressed, one by one the girls started to part ways and I was left with just my bridesmaids. It was the perfect end to the night. The 3 of us decided to find a bar for one more drink with just the three of us. We end up at some pub in midtown Manhattan that couldn’t have been more depressing inside if it tried. When one of the bridesmaids went in search of a restroom, I was approached by a very tipsy brunette who asked in Spanish when the wedding was… mind you, I was wearing a tiara with a veil so it was hard to misunderstand why I was celebrating. This young woman got all the necessary details and proceeded to bring every intoxicated man in the bar to my seat to buy me a shot in honor of my wedding.
Only in NY.
What was supposed to be just “One more Drink” turned into an undisclosed amount of shots. We went from feeling a little boozed up to extremely incredibly OMG drunk. I don’t know who this woman is. I don’t know her name. But she was my bachelorette party angel. We three had never had so much attention in our lives. The entire bar seemed to come alive raising their glass celebrating the single ladies’ last night of debauchery.
We were lucid enough to know it was time to go home. I hugged my fairy Bachelorette mother and hopped in a cab, got home, passed out and proceeded to have the nastiest hangover ever.
So worth it.
It was a night to remember.