In lieu of an immediate honeymoon after our wedding reception, B and I decided to spend a week with our in-laws who were visiting from England as well as be tourists in our own city. For one week, we were people of leisure. We got a couples massage on a random Wednesday Morning followed by a steak lunch in the city for restaurant week.

February will be the shortest month filled with the most occasions. When booking our wedding, we simply saw a 3 day weekend in February. Not Brent’s birthday or Valentine ’s Day. So, for the rest of our lives together the shortest month of the year will likely be the most expensive- and you better believe once he realized that, he made a deal with me to have separate gifts.

Separate gifts.

So, for Valentine’s Day, he got chocolates and a card. On our wedding day, I gave him a new phone (hello family cell phone plan!). And on his birthday (well, a few days before), I got him a steak lunch at New York City’s own Smith and Wollensky – complete with surprise birthday cake and singing; a first for B.

Smith and Wollensky’s is a spot for the local businessmen having client meetings or work meetings in general. B and I walked into Smith and Wollensky’s completely and utterly relaxed after our couples massage and started the lunch out right with glasses of champagne.

“We got married yesterday!”

“Next round of champagne is on us, then!”

We perused the Restaurant week menu and after having only a large coffee for breakfast we were ready to go in on some steaks. Wanting to experience as many dishes as possible, B and I opted to split our appetizers. The usual picks: Calamari and a Caesar Salad.

I used to be so adventurous trying new things. Now? I just want to stick to what I know I like and compare. The calamari was fried perfectly and I loved the marinara dipping sauce. The Caesar salad was very tasty as well but a little too heavy on the dressing- and TONS of homemade croutons. We love bread. And the warm buttery brioche they brought to the table was addicting. We knew were in trouble when they refilled our bread basket… twice.

Smith and Wollensky Surf and Turf

For my entre, I got the surf and turf. A lobster tail and an 8 oz filet mignon. B ordered a New York Strip with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts (upon my request).

The dishes were amazing. The steak was cooked just the way we like it – Medium rare. It had a nice char on the outside and was buttery soft on the inside. The whipped potatoes were addicting. Even after ALL THAT BREAD, we stood there diving our spoons into the silky mashed potatoes.

Smith and Wollensky

When it was time for dessert, we were so full. But I saw our waiter getting a few other waiters gathered- no doubt to sing happy Birthday to B. They arrived with a slab of coconut cake and ice cream and sang happy birthday. The look on that man’s face as he realized they were singing to him was priceless. In all his life, he had never had waiters sing happy birthday to him. The moment inspired me to do it again a few days later while having dinner with his parents.

I’m an evil wife.

We had to walk around the city for a bit after the huge lunch at Smith and Wollensky’s. It was such a nice treat!