One of the things I love most these days is a good afternoon tea. Reading blogs during the day, I discovered afternoon tea at some of NY’s finest hotels. The entire experience of afternoon tea appealed to me with comfy chairs to relax in, wonderful background music, a wide selection of teas to choose from and the delicious treats to accompany said tea.

My first afternoon tea was with B on our 1 year anniversary of dating. Since then, we have relished opportunities to hurry up and relax- even going so far as to take a mental health day JUST for the sake of having afternoon tea at our favorite hole in the wall.

A week before the wedding, I wanted to do something that was US and something that we could splurge on that we would never treat ourselves too. Afternoon Tea was a must but one of the first glimpses into afternoon tea I had was from Kathy Yl Chan when she wrote about Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton.


It was perfect. I called B and asked if he was interested and of course he was. With little convincing, we booked THE LAST reservation for the day after our wedding for afternoon tea. The experience was definitely once in a life time – but *spoiler alert* I like our humble hole in the wall a lot better.

Walking into the Ritz, we were seated in plush high back chairs. The table itself was a little high for the seat but it was meant for leaning back and relaxing.

I was slightly disappointed in their tea selection so I went with a spiced chai tea. unnamed (2)

Thumbs down for no lumps of sugar.

Our tea service came in courses.

unnamed (3)


unnamed (1)


unnamed (4)

Petit Fours.

The sandwiches were TEENY TINY but so good. I loved the lobster roll and the ruffled egg salad. We enjoyed them so much we ordered some more. The scones were massive and fluffy and crusty and dense. So much going on in those bad boys.

Alas, I was disappointed in the clotted cream. It was lackluster. I had such high hopes for this tea and I think I over-hyped it in my head.

We left barely able to finish our sweets when the staff brought out a slab of cheesecake with Congratulations written on it.

unnamed (5)

When I made my reservation, I mentioned it would be the day after our wedding- that was a nice gesture.

On the way home with our doggy-bag filled with the sweets we couldn’t finish, we couldn’t help but think the Ritz was severely overrated. We made the best of it and still enjoyed ourselves but it’s likely we will not return.