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As we “speak” my husband and I are off to a faraway land where frosty beverages flow and sandals are the only acceptable footwear. We are off to our honeymoon! It’s been a long time coming since our last vacation and it is so needed. Here is a recap of the second afternoon tea we did during out mini-moon in NYC.


Part of the reason we didn’t jet set right after the wedding was that we wanted to spend some time with my new in-laws. My sister-in-law has two gorgeous (and so sweet!) daughters that truly melt my heart. Brent and I wanted to spend some time with them and since we bought them American Girl dolls for Christmas, we thought brunch, lunch, tea, or dinner at the American Girl café would be a real treat. But reservations for American Girl are SOOOO hard to get and when I couldn’t book a decent time for a meal I searched for Plan B.

Enter Alice Tea Cup.

alice tea 2

One, my love for Afternoon Tea. Two, the Alice in Wonderland décor was reminiscent for the grown-ups while being completely appropriate for the littles. We went on a Thursday afternoon, around 2PM. It was freezing outside so the warmth of Alice’s Tea Cup was everything. Our table wasn’t quite ready so we sat in the waiting area surrounded by books and fairy tale lore. I spied some fairy wings hanging in a corner and gave the girls their own set of wings for the occasion. Staff really play up the fairy tale and greeted our newly winged fairies with fairy dust. We all got to make a wish while the girls put the fairy dust (AKA glitter) on their face and hair.  (why didn’t I take more photos!?!?)

We were seated at a huge table and the girls took some fairy tale books with them; to do a little reading while the adults chat I guess. I decided it was in our best interest to order the Mad Hatter.

alice tea 1

A tower of scones, sandwiches, and sweets and a pot of tea. The scones and sandwiches were unlimited (!!!) and all the additional pots of tea were an additional fee. Brent got earl grey, I share a pot of chai with my sister in law and the littles shared a pot of berry tea- which they quickly realized was not fruit juice; we tried.

20150220_154013 (1)

The sandwiches were by far our favorite. Unlimited BLTS? Yes please. Some sandwiches were a miss (smoked salmon) but the tuna was pretty great too as well as the egg salad.

Service here is relaxed which I love for tea service but if you are looking to fill up on sandwiches, you may want to order your next round while you are still working on the current.

Overall, I LOVED Alice’s Tea Cup and the unlimited sandwiches and scones in the Mad Hatter platter really sealed the deal for me- that and the awesome décor. There are three locations in NYC, this post is referencing the West 73rd Location. Great spot for a ladies brunch, date with the significant other or a day with the kiddos.

*photos courtesy of yelp