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At one of the very first signs of Spring weather a few weeks ago, Brent and I were invited to one of his former co-workers homes for a Mediterranean brunch. We were told to bring only ourselves and prepare for a treat.

Aside from having to commute to Long Island by train on the weekend (wasn’t as bad as I thought!”) we arrived to a delightfully fragrant home with our hostess sitting back sipping a pomegranate and champagne cocktail while the chef she hired for the day slaved away.

::record skips::


::giggles with glee::

I have seen/heard of this private chef thing but really had no idea how practical it was. Apparently, hiring a personal chef for a lunch or dinner is a click [and credit card] away. The cost can range per person but again, can vary. Our hostess, Roz, really wowed us with this. TREAT it was!


To start, we sipped pomegranate and champagne cocktails and snacked on the sweetest strawberries EVER.  While filling up on fresh fruit, we also enjoyed some shrimp tempura. Because – FOOD.

Everything that Chef Omar prepared for us was made from scratch.


Once we were done snacking on appetizers and Chef was putting the finishing touches on his brunch, we started with homemade yogurt, granola drizzled with honey and sliced kiwi. While the kiwi wasn’t an instant win for me, that yogurt tho! So creamy and was great with the granola!


Tried to pace myself but I was already envisioning the wall I was about to hit with all the deliciousness.


We placed the spread on a table to create a buffet style but soon we all decided the best course of action was to fill our plates with a little bit of everything.


Our buffet consisted of: GIANT buttermilk pancakes with an apple and pear compote, zucchini fritters, poached eggs with fiery chick peas and tomatoes… and that yogurt and granola I kept eating.



I thought “This isn’s so bad! I can def eat this!” and proceeded to wolf down a pancake the size of my face! A zucchini fritter the size of my fist! Protein packed eggs and fiberlicious chickpeas.

Truth: The odds were against me.

I powered through and devoured that mammoth plate of deliciousness. I was thinking with every bite “this is delicious!” – I may have also told Brent several times we are hiring Chef Omar to cater our next event.

We picked at our remnants as we made small talk about life and work and the chef bid us adieu as he prepped our dessert. An avocado key lime pie with a graham cracker crust.


If I’m being honest, this was a miss for me. It was as if eating sweet guacamole. I love guacamole but on chips or toast. Not in a pie. Thankfully, one of the other attendees made oreo truffles that I cannot wait to make on my own!


I snapped a pic of the group with the chef in the middle.

Overall, I had an amazing experience. I would totally hire a chef for a few hours to allow me to mingle with my guests…but I really do love cooking. Maybe I can make the dessert.

Decisions, Decisions.