One of the best decisions Brent and I made before we got married was to splurge on our honeymoon. Our previous vacation wasn’t our best- in fact, it was the worst vacay for the both of us – we made it work but promised that the honeymoon was going to SLAY.

I should preface this by saying the first trip we took together left B feeling a little sour on Caribbean vacations and he said after our honeymoon we should try something more stateside… happy to report we cannot wait to go to JAMAICA again!

We chose Couples Swept Away in Negril Jamaica for 7 blissful days. We kept several things in mind when booking this trip. 1. Adults Only. Can’t stress that enough. Nothing spoils a honeymoon quite like screaming children and teenagers being too cool for family vacation. 2. ALL INCLUSIVE. I wanted to pay upfront and relax. And that we did. 3. FREEDOM. No schedules. No meal times. Straight freedom.

The moment you land in Jamaica and make it through customs (prepare thy self), you are greeted with “Welcome Home”. We were greeted warmly with smiles and most of the folks we encountered told us if it was our first time we would surely be back.

We hopped on a shuttle to our resort. The ride was about an hour and a half away from the airport. We took in the trivia, the sights and sounds of Jamaica as it started to pour. A beautiful rain! The water was refreshing and the air felt CLEAN. A true escape from NY.


Exhausted and HUNGRY we checked into our room and made a bee line for whatever was open with food. The great thing about Couples- there is always something to eat. We happened upon what would become our favorite spot with quick and satisfying dishes likes Jerk Chicken, beef patties [with coco bread], fried red snapper sandwiches and nachos.


We actually started to order food to bring back to our room towards the last leg of the trip.


We enjoyed our first meal in Jamaica and spent the rest of the evening listening to the sound of the rain on our porch. (with bug spray!)20150416_094614

We quickly learned a routine that involved rising early, donning swimsuits and sunscreen, heading to breakfast and then lounging on the beach for the rest of the morning.




One thing a girl can get used to is the abundance of fresh fruit!!!

Loved the variety of breakfasts. From fresh fruit, to granola and yogurt, to callilou and eggs, to salt fish and ackee. So many things to go nuts over.


After several hours on the beach, we found ourselves exhausted and would grab a bit of lunch which usually consisted of freshly caught red snapper or a salad for me followed by a nap in our room until dinner.

20150418_135747 Brent always finds pizza. lol.

A fun fact. before we got to Jamaica, I read I should get used to the jamaican humidity. So when we checked in and tinkered with our air conditioner and not finding a COOL option, we thought OH- No AC… ok. And on the 3rd day i passed the housekeeper while cleaning another room and felt ice cold air. I walked into the room in pure amazement like i had never seen an AC before. “What is this magic you make to the air conditioner- you must show me!” I had never felt like such a bonehead before. Once that AC was poppin- we were on Cloud 9!


We caught dinner and a show one evening. IMGP0040

Caribbean night on another with local food favorites.    IMGP0068

Dressed up for fancy dinners… and dancing at what the locals call the DISCO.            20150422_092519

We ordered room service sometimes… Jamaican coffee is to die for. IMGP0073

I forced B to take pics.


We went on a sunset cruise on a catamaran boat with rum punch for DAYS.IMGP0062 IMGP0060 IMGP0055

Castles in Negril


We ordered champagne with everything – we fancy.

Overall, when it was time to go, we were ready for home. We missed our dog, our bed, our routine…you know how it goes. But boy did it awaken the desire to see the world. We cannot wait to, as the Jamaicans say, “come back home to Jamiaca”. We had the most wonderful time ever and came home to find this lovely card in the mail:


Wonderful Honeymoon! Next vacay soon, please?