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cronuts swag

In 2013, the Cronut came to New York City by way of the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. The baker, Dominique Ansel crafted a limited supply of donuts daily and the anticipation drew much plublicity. Upon its release, donut enthusiasts waited in line for hours daily just to get their hands on one of the 200 available cronuts.

I admit, I was one who would read article after article of the beautiful donut croissant hybrid and dreamt of having my own; just to say I have tried it.

I have been to reputable bakeries and tried their dough’ssant and their croissant donuts and all were good, but nothing to make me obsessed. The hype for Dominique Ansel’s Cronut was really making me feel like I was missing out.

…until about a year ago when a friend of mine acquired some cronuts thanks to the cronut preorder online. She had one left and she sold it to me for $5. It was a fig cronut. She told me to eat it immediately as they are best when eaten the day they are purchased.

I took photos of the cronut. I posted the pics to Instagram and twitter. Held my breath and sunk my teeth into the cronut.

“Isn’t it AMAZING?”

Well, it’s not terrible but I did not experience the thing that made me want to get up at 4AM to get in line for one of these babies. Not at $5 a pop either. And if it were up to me, can I have a choice on my flavor? Fig, Chocolate, raspberry- plain even. I need variety.

I chalked up the MEH cronut to the fact that it had been purchased way early in the AM and it was now evening- it clearly wasn’t “fresh”…

Fast forward to Sunday.

I was able to acquire my own cronuts thanks to the online preorder system. I had no idea that when I chose to pick up cronuts on July 19th that it would be 94 degrees in New York City and that it would take me an hour to get there. My husband and I (really just me as I dragged him there with me like a good wife) braved the heat for the cronuts. The line was long inside the bakery but since I pre-ordered, I was able to skip the line and grab my cronuts.

I glanced over the register and saw the DKA and the Cannelle de Bordeax. These are two of the regular pastries at Dominique Ansel Bakery that are absolutely delicious- there is NEVER a line for them and they are, without a doubt, way better than the cronut. (highly recommended!)

With my huge bag of cronuts, I slowly walked back to the train station so I could enjoy the bananas foster filled cronut as soon as possible. I was so self conscious of my purchase as the entire world could see my bag contained Cronuts- it was a huge YELLOW Bag. Like, HEY LOOK AT MY BAG!

I purchased some for my family and I plus two more to enjoy if I really liked them. . .


I set up our cronut experience. Coffees on deck. Photos taken. Heart racing with excitement.

I took a bite.

And it was good but not mind-blowingly so.

I believe this item was way over-hyped. The texture of the donut was lacking something.  I was fully convinced by the sugar coating and the crisp-looking layers that the cronut would have a slight crispness/flakiness to it and a soft, delicate center with a glob here and there of custard or whatever the filling of the month was. Instead, I sunk my teeth into a donut that was not light and crisp. It was a bit greasy and lacked the texture that I was seeking; much like my first cronut encounter with the fig filling.

I was disappointed. My husband doesn’t like any kind of donut with filling inside-so that was a bust, My parents both preferred the dough’ssant we got from one of other bakeries we frequented and I felt like I wasted a perfectly good Sunday morning, sweating my butt off for something I didn’t even love.

I am still a big fan of Dominique Ansel. His DKA and cannelle de Bordeaux are enough to keep me coming back over and over again. I will just check cronut off my bucket list.

It’s just not for me.