Where should I start?


I’ll try for the beginning.

Since we last spoke, I had a dismal cronut; I am happy to report that I’ve gotten over the disappointment and moved on to other things to obsess over.

Like my husband moving to DC.

::screeching halt::

OH, RIGHT! My husband is in grad school… in DC. So this summer has been jammed packed with tons of things to do together before he leaves (left). I am currently without a personal computer so I will try to figure out a regular(ish) posting schedule.

I will be sharing all the great things we did together that I was able to document including the food-filled weekend we had in DC.


When B got word as to when he started classes, I started scheming on something for him. He has a great deal of support from his coworkers so I thought I would plan a small get together for his coworkers and some of our family to send him off with lots of love.

First order of business. WHERE? We are newly-weds. Our pockets are NOT rolling deep. So, I considered his favorite pizzeria in our neighborhood that also doubles as a bar/lounge. Then I went to his company picnic in the early summer months and acquired everyone’s Facebook or phone number to send the invite.

Now that I had a venue. I created the invite and set out to order a cake. Since it was a farewell party, I made it one of his favorites. Pizza was a given. But the cake? A huge (and ridiculously inexpensive) Dominican Cake!

If one thing is certain, its that I am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets- especially from my husband. On so many occasions, we would be having a conversation and he would mention someone that just RSVPd to his party and I would instantly feel the urge to mention but I kept the lid sealed TIGHTLY.

The days leading up to it, B kept insisting he should plan a get together before he left and I kept dissuading him. That was so difficult! And on D Day, while we were getting ready for my friend’s birthday party (great cover!) I was receiving so many text messages of guests who were running late!

Surprise parties are NOT for those with anxiety. Just saying.


We made our way to the Pizzeria/Bar and I was nervously agreeing with everything he was saying. I swore he knew what was up.

But when we arrived, everyone was there and I stepped aside as everyone yelled Surprise and B was sincerely shocked- confused even! His reaction was “What?!?” and the evening was filled with pizza but the pie, soda by the gallon and all the shots we could do! Followed by a HUGE Dominican Cake!


It was a huge success! And totally worth it! Anxiety and all!