Once the countdown to Brent’s departure became a reality, I felt a huge need to milk every single day we spent together doing our favorite things.

We even decided to spend a day together doing what we love: NOTHING. There is an art to doing nothing and I believe we have mastered it.


The art of doing nothing is best spent over unlimited scones and tea sandwiches…at Alice’s Tea Cup!


We initially intended to go to Bosie Tea Parlour where we first fell in love with afternoon tea but they were closed for a private event. Instead of letting that ruin our day, we set out to our second choice. Alice’s Tea Cup.


Sometimes these things happen for a reason. We sat among kids with their parents, ladies lunching, and even some solo diners to relax with some tea and nibble on some sandwiches. PINKIES UP.


Our last visit to Alice’s was shortly after we got married and it was nice to reminisce about all the time we spent with our families and just how nice it was to have all the planning behind us! Oh and marriage is nice, too! 😉

Later that day we caught a movie and had a nice walk in the city- followed by a pool party in the evening !!!


I got to show of my Whip/Nae Nae skills.

Great day!