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During our countdown to Brent’s departure, we set out for dinner in honor of our 6 month wedding anniversary and restaurant week! I let B take the lead on dinner reservations and he totally outdid himself. We went to the very charming and very old school Benoit in Midtown.

Nothing says romance like French cuisine, though, when I think of French cuisine I am reminded of the episode of Sex and the City where Harry and Charlotte have a romantic night out at a French restaurant. They overindulged and spent the entire evening taking turns in the bathroom.

Thankfully that wasn’t the case for us but I can see how Charlotte and Harry did themselves in. French food is RICH and should be enjoyed in moderation.

We had every intention of being modest by ordering off the pre fixe menu but B thought we were selling ourselves short and suggested we go for the glory and get whatever we wanted.

So we did.

First things first. Bubbles. Not just because of the 6 month anniversary but when we dine out (which has significantly decreased in frequency) we treat ourselves to a sparkling wine or champagne. It goes down easier and we usually have zero negative effects in the AM.


For B’s starter, he went with the pate of foie gras and I went with the escargot. The last time I tried escargot was when B and I took our first vacation together; this time was much more positive and much more delicious. I shared with my mother that I had escargot and she was genuinely curious about what it tasted like. Upon first glance, it looks like green moss. But after a whiff, it’s very garlicky in a beautiful way. Once you scoop it into your mouth it tastes like a stuffed mushroom- so if you like stuffed mushrooms, there is a good chance you will like escargot.20150731_184122

There are two main dishes that I can never say no to: Beouf Bourguignon and Cassoulet. Very heavy and hearty dishes. The latter was available so I went in. Brent ordered the roasted chicken which was delicious.

The Cassoulet, which is essentially a white bean stew with sausage and duck confit was rich and totally did me after 5 bites. No matter though. I packed up the leftovers and enjoyed them the following morning with a poached egg- my fave way to enjoy leftovers.


When the dessert menu rolled around I was beyond stuffed but was somehow convinced to order profiteroles. Delightfully airy cream puffs with a rich chocolate sauce for dipping. And washed it down with a creamy cappuccino and some ice cream.20150731_195829

Talk about Indulgence! The great thing about NYC is the ability to WALK after heavy meal and our train was several long blocks away.

Benoit was a great choice. We got to enjoy a wonderful meal and check another great NY restaurant off the list.