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After our exhausting first day in DC we went back to the room with every intention of going back out to peep the scene. One of our Uber drivers told us that DC was THE place to try Ethiopian food and since we love to try new things we put it on our list… but after our 2nd nap after walking all over DC on a 98 Degree day with 100 percent humidity.


The heat exhausts me.

We were a short walk away from a Trader Joes so we stocked up on snacks (booze) to keep in the hotel room.


After coming back into the cool air conditioning we plopped on our huge bed and said what the hell, let’s order room service!

If you have ever ordered room service, its quite nice if you like to pay 3x the price of what things should cost (I’m talking about YOU $15 bagel!). But it was our 6 month wedding anniversary (aww) so why the heck not.

With our $4 bottle of sparkling wine from Trader Joes we toasted a great mini getaway and a great 6 months of marriage while eating room service in front of the hotel tv.


Brent got a burger with a side of calamari. I got a french onion soup and a short rib over parsnip puree.

The french onion soup was the biggest disappointment while my main course was absolutely perfect. I was stuffed halfway through but with no way to reheat leftovers, no way to store said leftovers and paying gouged prices for it, I persevered.

We also bought some chocolate covered almonds for dessert.

It was a nice experience!

(We stayed at the Westin Georgetown)