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During B and I’s last weekend in DC, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice brunch. Right across the street from our hotel; the Blue Duck Cafe.

It was a very balmy and hot day but the promise of a sorbet sangria seemed refreshing and perfect.


We both sipped cocktails in the shade of an umbrella in the scenic backyard. Blue Duck Café has a perimeter of green surrounding their outdoor dining area. Upon close inspection, we were pleasantly surprised to see this green was actually herbs and vegetables. Occasionally, someone would come from the kitchen to snip herbs for whatever they were preparing.


Since the occasion was “Treat [our]self” we decided to start our brunch with an appetizer. One of our favorite things in Bone Marrow. Gross to some, this delicacy is rich and delicious but definitely not for every enjoyment.

This particular bone marrow came with crisp baguette slices as the vehicle to smear the marrow all over with a honkin bulb of caramelized garlic. The marrow was seasoned with everything- like an everything bagel.

We devoured this. It was absolutely amazing and quite possibly the best bone marrow we have ever had. Our waiter came by to check on us and agreed the marrow was their most popular dish; even said some well-known chefs come to Blue Duck Café JUST to have some of their bone marrow.

Strong words.


For B’s entrée he went with the short rib hash. A huge and rib sticking portion of short ribs, potatoes, and caramelized onions topped with a perfectly fried egg. As Brent was diggin’ in, our waiter came to recommend B dip his bread into the hash. And then B’s life changed.

I’m definitely over-selling the moment but the combination was very good! However, having annihilated a plate of Bone Marrow, we were feeling a little full.


I, on the other hand, enjoyed the Blue Duck’s take on shrimp and grits. The portion was smaller than B’s hash but after indulging on all that marrow, I had just enough room to enjoy my entrée…


…before our waiter convinced us to get dessert. It was the strangest, most delicious combination for dessert. Popcorn. Marshmallows. Panna Cotta. Caramel. I cannot explain this concept at all but it played on sweet/salty and creamy/crunchy combos. It was great.


The sun was moving and our beloved shade had shifted, leaving us to bake in the hot sun. We got some cold brew iced coffee to go with our dessert.


…and before we knew it, it was over.

We were STUFFED.

It was a fantastic brunch! We will definitely be back [for that bone marrow]!