On our first day in DC together, my husband and I hopped in an uber and made small talk with our driver. We talked about where we were from and yada, yada, yada and the cab driver said “New York does everything right in terms of food. But DC has a leg up on their Ethiopian food- we have the best Ethiopian food, hands down… you just have to be open to trying new things”
And that we are!
So on our last night in DC together, we found Das Ethiopian a nice walk away from our hotel room. It was a Saturday evening. We did not have reservations but it was early enough into dinner service where finding a table was not challenging.
The restaurant is cozy but not so that it feels too crowded. It seems like the dining room of an actual house is the dining area of the restaurant which i thought was a nice touch. Felt really homey. 20150815_192448
We looked around to see what others were eating and it seemed a lot of diners were sharing sampling platters. It seemed like the best bang for our buck to try several things at once. We split an appetizer that looked like a samosa but had a spring roll texture to it. It was filled with lentils which are a personal favorite of ours.
We got our first taste of Injera. A spongy flat bread that is used to sop up delicious bites of food in addition to acting as a plate. It took a few bites to get used to but before we knew it, they were bringing us more rolls of injera. 20150815_193527
For our entree, we shared the Das Combination Chicken & Beef Entrée Sampler For Two which included chicken doro watt, beef kaey watt, beef alicha and beef cubes segana gomen. While different than any meal we have ever had, we recognized familiar flavors. It was pretty good!
We filled up quickly and politely declined dessert.
This is a nice place. The staff were very friendly and patient with us as we asked a lot of questions about the cuisine. We would definitely go back…maybe when I visit hubby!