My husband turned 30!

During the hustle of work and the heavy weight school has been, taking a break from real life to spoil my main was incredibly fun. The experience was a very special one.

We started our day with a Broadway show. We had matinee tickets to see On Your Feet, the Gloria Estefan musical. I had heard good things about the show but it was phenomenal! I don’t even think one has to be a fan of her music to appreciate the story; though I’m sure it helps. As an 80’s baby, I loved Gloria Estefan. The actress who played Gloria looked and sounded just like her-quite amazing. 

After the show ended, we had a little over two hours to kill so we walked over to a nearby pub and had a few cocktails to kill time.

For his 3oth, I took Him to Daniel on the Upper East Side. I have never been but heard amazing things. My husband is my greatest supporter and I wanted to make sure he had a memorable night.

We started with a bottle of champagne. We opted for the 7 course tasting menu and since we had champagne decided against the pairing menu. 

Our first official course was Beets 3 ways. Honestly, every single thing we tasted at Daniel was delicious. I will point out what was exceptionally delicious but to avoid being redundant I will just describe the dish.

Our 2nd course was a duck terrine with a thickly shaved truffle. There was an abundance of bread. Every time a course came out, so did the earm bread basket. You know me and warm bread… 

Our 3rd course was a warm lobster salad over a coconut panna cotta of sorts. The lobster was such a wonderful texture! 

For our 4th course, we had escargot with a garlicky foam.  Had they not told me it was escargot,  I would never have known. Loved the presentation. 

For out 5th course, we had sweat breads with citrus elements. 

EditCourse 6 was a delicious sole. I love the plating and how all the elements went together. 

Our final course was the lamb. By far my favorite dish the night. By now, hubby and I are feeling a teensy bit tipsy and way full but the plates just kept coming. 

Now for dessert. 

I told the restaurant in advance it was my husband’s birthday so they surpised him with this beautiful number:

A gingerbread. Some melon. And the cover over the candle is a thin sheet of white chocolate!

Speaking of chocolate, I had the chocolate mousse for dessert.  And hubby had the sorbet.

They brought out a plate of pettite fours that were too cute for words!

Before we left, we were given these goft boxes filled with cannelles and personalized paper copies of the menu we had. 

The experience we had at Daniel is one I will always cherish. I married a wonderful man that is incredibly good to me- being able to celebrate him on his 30th birthday was such a joy.