You may already know this about me, but I love gimmicks. Before you go nuts on me, hear me out. There’s this Ramen chain in Japan that specializes in personalized Ramen. It is also big on solo dining. They also happened to open a noodle factory slash restaurant 1 mile away from my apartment and Yelp had an elite week there just recently. 

If you love Ramen, you’re going to need to plan a visit to Ichiran. If you need to come to Brooklyn to do so, you should. 

The thing that’s super cool to me (and gimmicky to others) is the entire experience is meant to be experienced solo. 

From start to finish, when you walk into Ichiran, you’re asked if you want a table or to experience solo dining. 

I chose solo. You are given a sheet with options to select and customize your meal. You then find your dining cubby. 

There you’ll see directions on how to place an order. Here is where you can ask for your soup to have extra noodles, crushed garlic, hot sauce (and how hot), egg, extra soy, less oil… you name it. 

If you submit your menu and need more, you can reorder on your chopsticks. 

I ordered a matcha beer. Because why not? 

Very interesting. However, next time no beer. Gotta save precious stomach room.

The egg went really well with the soup but its not necessary. I’d go without it. 

The ramen is the main event. I ordered extra noodles and they came separately. 

The extra noodles option comes when yoi are halfway through with your ramen so you can enjoy fresh noodles. 

Just place the little tray on the call button and like magic, someone will bring you extra noodles. 

I tried the almond matcha pudding and it was really good but the extra serving pf noodles did me in. 

The one thing that I am not too crazy about is the price. With a beer, noodles, dessert and extra protein, the check for just myself was $49. Steep. However, considering the time it takes to produce a deliciouams bone broth, i understand that I’m paying for quality. 

I haven’t stopped thinking about this place, especially with all this snow in NYC. 

Definitely worth the splurge.