I just completed an intense 2 month semester on graduate level Statistics. Not only am I relieved to be done with it, I am happy to report I did really well!

I am behind with hundreds of photos to share and the slew of spam that flew into my comments section just recently lit a fire under my bum to get some content up here.

So, B and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary when winter coats were needed, though if I am being honest, for the Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend, it is certainly chilly on the east coast. It also feels like it has been raining for a straight year.

What is even sunshine???

I digress.

We made reservations at the venue where we got married for an intimate dinner. Since last year B had to go back to DC, I ordered us a tiny replica of our wedding cake:

The Salted Pretzel cake from Milk Bar is just as good as we remember it.

They were able to rush the delivery for me since I was a little late on ordering but it was a great addition to our anniversary celebration.

With Valentine’s Day just the day before, the restaurant was slow except for some couples coming in to do their wedding tastings. We pretty much had the joint to ourselves.

A bottle of champagne was a must and we soaked in the romantic ambiance at MyMoon while we waited for our meal to arrive.

They talked us into getting the cheeseboard… they neglected to tell us how large it was. We had a great time stuffing our faces. I have never met a cheese I didn’t like.

B had the lamb chops over fingerling potatoes. A sensible portion in comparison to the mammoth cheese plate we both devoured.

I had the seared duck breast with cherries and mashed sweet potatoes. The duck breast was perfectly cooked.

We were pretty stuffed but decided to split a cheesecake with mango gelee that came with a scoop of mango sorbet. It was nice and light… but we were stuffed!

We spent the rest of the week eating anniversary cake! Looking forward to celebrating many more!