Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

One of the things I love most these days is a good afternoon tea. Reading blogs during the day, I discovered afternoon tea at some of NY’s finest hotels. The entire experience of afternoon tea appealed to me with comfy chairs to relax in, wonderful background music, a wide selection of teas to choose from and the delicious treats to accompany said tea.

My first afternoon tea was with B on our 1 year anniversary of dating. Since then, we have relished opportunities to hurry up and relax- even going so far as to take a mental health day JUST for the sake of having afternoon tea at our favorite hole in the wall.

A week before the wedding, I wanted to do something that was US and something that we could splurge on that we would never treat ourselves too. Afternoon Tea was a must but one of the first glimpses into afternoon tea I had was from Kathy Yl Chan when she wrote about Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton.


It was perfect. I called B and asked if he was interested and of course he was. With little convincing, we booked THE LAST reservation for the day after our wedding for afternoon tea. The experience was definitely once in a life time – but *spoiler alert* I like our humble hole in the wall a lot better.

Walking into the Ritz, we were seated in plush high back chairs. The table itself was a little high for the seat but it was meant for leaning back and relaxing.

I was slightly disappointed in their tea selection so I went with a spiced chai tea. unnamed (2)

Thumbs down for no lumps of sugar.

Our tea service came in courses.

unnamed (3)


unnamed (1)


unnamed (4)

Petit Fours.

The sandwiches were TEENY TINY but so good. I loved the lobster roll and the ruffled egg salad. We enjoyed them so much we ordered some more. The scones were massive and fluffy and crusty and dense. So much going on in those bad boys.

Alas, I was disappointed in the clotted cream. It was lackluster. I had such high hopes for this tea and I think I over-hyped it in my head.

We left barely able to finish our sweets when the staff brought out a slab of cheesecake with Congratulations written on it.

unnamed (5)

When I made my reservation, I mentioned it would be the day after our wedding- that was a nice gesture.

On the way home with our doggy-bag filled with the sweets we couldn’t finish, we couldn’t help but think the Ritz was severely overrated. We made the best of it and still enjoyed ourselves but it’s likely we will not return.

Smith and Wollensky

In lieu of an immediate honeymoon after our wedding reception, B and I decided to spend a week with our in-laws who were visiting from England as well as be tourists in our own city. For one week, we were people of leisure. We got a couples massage on a random Wednesday Morning followed by a steak lunch in the city for restaurant week.

February will be the shortest month filled with the most occasions. When booking our wedding, we simply saw a 3 day weekend in February. Not Brent’s birthday or Valentine ’s Day. So, for the rest of our lives together the shortest month of the year will likely be the most expensive- and you better believe once he realized that, he made a deal with me to have separate gifts.

Separate gifts.

So, for Valentine’s Day, he got chocolates and a card. On our wedding day, I gave him a new phone (hello family cell phone plan!). And on his birthday (well, a few days before), I got him a steak lunch at New York City’s own Smith and Wollensky – complete with surprise birthday cake and singing; a first for B.

Smith and Wollensky’s is a spot for the local businessmen having client meetings or work meetings in general. B and I walked into Smith and Wollensky’s completely and utterly relaxed after our couples massage and started the lunch out right with glasses of champagne.

“We got married yesterday!”

“Next round of champagne is on us, then!”

We perused the Restaurant week menu and after having only a large coffee for breakfast we were ready to go in on some steaks. Wanting to experience as many dishes as possible, B and I opted to split our appetizers. The usual picks: Calamari and a Caesar Salad.

I used to be so adventurous trying new things. Now? I just want to stick to what I know I like and compare. The calamari was fried perfectly and I loved the marinara dipping sauce. The Caesar salad was very tasty as well but a little too heavy on the dressing- and TONS of homemade croutons. We love bread. And the warm buttery brioche they brought to the table was addicting. We knew were in trouble when they refilled our bread basket… twice.

Smith and Wollensky Surf and Turf

For my entre, I got the surf and turf. A lobster tail and an 8 oz filet mignon. B ordered a New York Strip with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts (upon my request).

The dishes were amazing. The steak was cooked just the way we like it – Medium rare. It had a nice char on the outside and was buttery soft on the inside. The whipped potatoes were addicting. Even after ALL THAT BREAD, we stood there diving our spoons into the silky mashed potatoes.

Smith and Wollensky

When it was time for dessert, we were so full. But I saw our waiter getting a few other waiters gathered- no doubt to sing happy Birthday to B. They arrived with a slab of coconut cake and ice cream and sang happy birthday. The look on that man’s face as he realized they were singing to him was priceless. In all his life, he had never had waiters sing happy birthday to him. The moment inspired me to do it again a few days later while having dinner with his parents.

I’m an evil wife.

We had to walk around the city for a bit after the huge lunch at Smith and Wollensky’s. It was such a nice treat!

The Wedding 2.15.15

Rodriguez 02-15-15 210

After ReBar happened, Brent and I had to start over again with our “dream” wedding. With all the hiccups that come with planning a wedding plus all the unexpected disasters, by the time February rolled around, we just wanted to do the damn thing already.

I think a lot of couples feel this way- but along with the anxiety of watching the weather reports, making time for dress fittings and finding all these last minute details- it was all worth it. Even the 15 lbs of stress weight I put on (the dress still fit!).

I foolishly planned to work up until the day before my wedding. Thanks to the flu this year I took an unexpected week off from work recovering from the flu and bronchitis and had two weeks of HECK trying to catch up. I was given the green light to take an extra day off to prep and boy was it needed. Our wedding was the day after Valentine’s Day. I had to prepare for the rehearsal dinner which we wisely decided host at our apartment to keep things intimate and to keep costs down.

Prior to that, the weather report showed February 15 was going to feel like -20 degrees outside. ::insert groans here:: I mean, we DID opt to have a wedding in February so I guess we were asking for this – all in the name of keeping costs down. Because the weather forecast was “bone chilling cold” I made a snap decision to add hot cocoa to our favors. A small item that guests were so thankful for when they went home. Hot chocolate and S’mores. My friend Patty, and my Maid of Honor, Danielle, made the favors happen and worked till the day before the wedding getting them all ready for the wedding. They were beautiful (and delicious).

At the rehearsal dinner, we cleaned the apartment like never before! We had it at a 1pm and provided an assortment of bagels, spreads, muffins, fruit, cheeses, jams, cookies, brownies, quiche, champagne and orange juice. The spread seemed to make everyone happy- especially the quiche. (A big pat on the back to me because most of the leftovers were eaten on the morning of the wedding.) I had to fight tooth and nail with some people over whether or not having a rehearsal was necessary- if anyone is debating the matter- you NEED to have a rehearsal for a number of reasons. As the bride, I had my own expectations of the wedding. My father- in-law, who performed my ceremony, was gracious enough to tweak his sermon to accommodate my wishes- the end resulted in 3 dry runs of the wedding (and still on the wedding day people forgot when they were supposed to walk and when they were supposed to stay- good times).

Leading up to the big day I thought I would be too nervous to sleep… nope. Slept like a baby the night before right beside my future husband. I awoke early on my wedding day for my hair and make-up appointment. I kissed him goodbye and went to the salon leaving him to chill with his best man- my now brother-in-law.

I brought with me a platter of bagels and muffins from the rehearsal dinner to the salon. It gave us life! We sat under the dryer. We got all pretty and somehow 4 hours flew right by.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 011

I left the salon with the girls and at least 2 cans of hair spray holding my hair together as the frosty BONE CHILLING winds whipped around and headed for my parents’ place where the photographer was already clicking away at photos of my shoes and dress.Rodriguez 02-15-15 025

Even as they zipped up my wedding dress I felt calm. COLD. But calm. I was marrying Brent.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 043

I was looking forward to the best party ever.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 063

Our limo arrived completely filthy – that sucked. We were on our way to DUMBO to shoot the first look with Brent. Only living one block from my parents, timing the limo with Brent’s cab could have gone better. His brother let it slip that the saw me entering the limo as his cab was pulling away… Rodriguez 02-15-15 103

But he still gave a good WOW when we had our first look. I think the first look was probably my favorite part of the entire wedding.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 111

It was our Alone time. It also made the big walk down the aisle less nerve-racking.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 152

Once we arrived at the wedding venue I got news that the weather was not cooperating which made my heated tent useless. Rodriguez 02-15-15 203

My wedding coordinator was amazing. He worked around every obstacle and got us up and running smoothly despite all the hiccups and set me up with champagne and let me relax.

It all seems like a blur. A beautiful blur.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 349

My bridesmaids were AMAZING pillars of support and strength. They checked on me every so often to make sure I had assistance in the ladies room- that brought our friendship to the next level!

Rodriguez 02-15-15 430

I walked down a makeshift aisle to A Thousand Years and managed to keep it together without crying. Even though the tent was the original plan, having the wedding in the actual restaurant was perfect. It felt perfect.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 594

As we were pronounced husband and wife, At Last by Etta James played. No truer words have been sung. Our first dance was to All of Me by John Legend (so cliché, I know).

Rodriguez 02-15-15 610

I danced with my father to I Loved Her First by Heartland and we made each other laugh so neither of us would cry. Our Grand Entrance was to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars because I wanted to “kiss myself, I’m so pretty”.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 633

We cut our cake the My Everything by Michael Buble. We got the cake from Milk Bar! Salted Pretzel Naked Cake for the win… and we already at the top of the cake!

Rodriguez 02-15-15 799

My dress was an Allure Bridal gown that was heavy but beautiful- dancing in that thing was an art. And all the rips in the back from being stepped on prove that when getting a bridal fitting, one should make sure there is a proper bustle for dancing!

Rodriguez 02-15-15 029

I made my bouquet from my grandmother’s brooches. I made boutonnieres, bridesmaids bouquets, and corsages out of silk flowers, burlap and brooches. My Centerpieces were IKEA mini lanterns with LED flicker tea lights on top of burlap and lace doilies (made by my maid of honor), with mini rose vases filled with baby’s breath (and leftover Valentine’s Day roses from the restaurant). The table numbers were numbered cards printed on a chalkboard template. ETSY provided my wedding cape, cake topper, cards banner and cards holder.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 800

Hot chocolate favors!

Rodriguez 02-15-15 805

One of our vegetarian appetizers – a mushroom dish! A popular item

Rodriguez 02-15-15 809

The langoustine appetizer was also a big hit!

Rodriguez 02-15-15 812

The suitcase to hold our cards. Burlap and lace everywhere.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 813

S’mores Tower!

At the end of the night, we were a sweaty mess. We had an AMAZING time at the wedding. We got to enjoy our AMAZING dinner without interruption- seriously, how many couples can accomplish this? And the food was amazing- albeit small portions but delicious.

We drank endless glasses of champagne and celebrated our two families becoming one. What had me most nervous was meeting my in-laws for the first time just a day before the wedding. I can now say that I love my in-laws to pieces. Our two families got along so well and I am certain we will all have a long happy life together! We all danced the night away, hugging and laughing together. It was such a perfect evening that I cannot even imagine our wedding any other way. I owe the former owner of ReBar a proper thank you for running out on us- our DREAM wedding was fulfilled.

We will cherish that memory for the rest of our lives.

Rodriguez 02-15-15 797

Hubby’s Birthday Pelau



Life is different. I was thinking the other day how I used to map out my entries and plan my food menus and thought wow, times have certainly changed. It’s not that I have nothing to say, believe me, i have TONS. But with the new job (long hours), the new role as wife, and life in general – finding the time is really tough.

But I really miss blogging. I miss the outlet this was for me and how it pushed me creatively in the kitchen. One of the things i promised myself after the wedding was to make time for myself and to blog. Shortly after the wedding, like, days after was my husband’s birthday. I just said husband. Still not used to it. We had just spent a great deal on our staycation so something low key and at home was in order.

I wanted to make a special dish for Brent as well as a birthday cake. He is a many of few wants and requested a dish he loved as a child and a plan vanilla cake. I had been promising to make him Pelau since before we were living together. That’s a promise 3 years in the making.

Pelau is a Trinidadian dish that reminds me of Arroz con Pollo. Its a chicken and rice dish with a few extras that might raise a few eyebrows but the end result was delicious. I watched a YouTube video for a step by step tutorial on to get it done the right way.

the video is great. The step-by-step process brought us this masterpiece:


Parboiled Rice, black eye peas, brown sugar, cilantro, chicken and pepper sauce. The dish came together nicely and Brent could hardly contain his excitement. No sooner than it was ready, we were both plopped on the couch with steaming bowls of Pelau. not speaking.


Just stuffing our faces.

Brent says I’m Trini now. :-)

…and of course after dinner-


There was funfetti!


Last Night of Freedom

I have been thinking about this post for WEEKS. Maybe even months. Since we last spoke there has been a slew of news. Every moment I sat down to write or send an update something happened that took me away from it.

Since we last spoke, I had lost my grandmother. And after that the following happened:
– I got the flu with bronchitis (3 weeks before the wedding)
– Brent got the flu right after (2 weeks before the wedding)
– I needed an emergency root canal a week before the wedding
– I had a bachelorette party
– The weather predicted -20 degrees for my wedding day
– I have been working 60 hour weeks
That’s quite a bit of things.
But let’s start from where we left off.
My bridesmaids got to work on creating a night of pure good fun after all the Flu and Root Canals or whatever. I was told to dress nicely and be ready by 6pm.
When they arrived at 6, we took pictures and adorned ourselves with naughty pins, the traditional Bride to Be Sash, and a bridal tiara. I kissed my fiancé goodbye as he went out for steak and whiskey with his buddies and hopped in a cab with my ladies to Midtown East.
When my engagement became public info, there was lots of talk about party buses and male strippers. I quickly but the kibosh on those notions as the last party of the sorts I went to like that still gives me the creeps.
The girls were very open to my idea of a drag show and told me to let them figure out the rest. I wanted a group that was small and intimate as Bachelorette Parties, to me, are for the bride and her bridal party plus a few more close friends.
I got just what I wanted as we pulled up at LIPS for the 8pm show. My last roommate, Diana, was holding down our table while Patty (my bestie from Kew Gardens), my bridesmaids (Arlenys and Danielle), and I made our way to the table. The décor is gaudy and tacky with leopard print wall paper with hot pink pillows, chandeliers and wigs- I loved every bit of it!
We were greeted by a Queen who looked like Lucille Ball with the mouth of a sailor. We cracked jokes and were given an explanation on the menu. Ticket admission guarantees a 3 course dinner: Salad, main course and dessert. Drinks and appetizers are extra. The choices in entrée were slim. Burger. Chicken Parm. Penne A La Vodka. Salad. The choices were safe. Something easy to reheat and something nearly everyone would eat. We all got the pasta or chicken parm.
Drinks were pricey, small, and sweet.
The bridesmaids were whispering to our waitress and before I knew it, another crown was being placed on my head.
Trouble would soon ensue.
We were served our food immediately and just as soon as the plates arrived, we ate and soon the plates disappeared. We were left with dessert to eat while the show started. Some great parodies of Call Me Maybe and Its Raining Men. Birthday shout outs and the like.
Midway through the show, I was brought on stage and asked ridiculously embarrassing questions about my fiancé. Great photo ops and laughs. Shortly after my stage time, the show was over and we got a group shot before we hit up the nearest bar for shots, shots and more shots.
As the night progressed, one by one the girls started to part ways and I was left with just my bridesmaids. It was the perfect end to the night. The 3 of us decided to find a bar for one more drink with just the three of us. We end up at some pub in midtown Manhattan that couldn’t have been more depressing inside if it tried. When one of the bridesmaids went in search of a restroom, I was approached by a very tipsy brunette who asked in Spanish when the wedding was… mind you, I was wearing a tiara with a veil so it was hard to misunderstand why I was celebrating. This young woman got all the necessary details and proceeded to bring every intoxicated man in the bar to my seat to buy me a shot in honor of my wedding.
Only in NY.
What was supposed to be just “One more Drink” turned into an undisclosed amount of shots. We went from feeling a little boozed up to extremely incredibly OMG drunk. I don’t know who this woman is. I don’t know her name. But she was my bachelorette party angel. We three had never had so much attention in our lives. The entire bar seemed to come alive raising their glass celebrating the single ladies’ last night of debauchery.
We were lucid enough to know it was time to go home. I hugged my fairy Bachelorette mother and hopped in a cab, got home, passed out and proceeded to have the nastiest hangover ever.
So worth it.
It was a night to remember.



Four years ago, doctors told us her days were numbered because of an aneurysm in her stomach. And with that warning, we treated every day as if it were her last; extra dessert, more kisses and hugs! But the Lord above gave us four years with my grandmother before her took her home.

The last 4 years weren’t particularly easy. With her mobility decreasing and her strength weakening- she was still fighting, I began to think the doctors didn’t know what they were talking about. Almost 2 years ago, grannie took a fall. And then another fall. And with each fall it became more and more difficult to get back up. It was then that the family made the decision to place grannie in an assisted living facility. A place where she would be independent but have the safety net of 24 hour assistance, should she fall or need immediate medical care. Oh boy was grannie upset. But our family decided together that this was the best decision for her and if she opened up to it, she would have a great time.

In the last year, she has fallen several times breaking a hip and even cracking her head to need staples! But every time, she pulled through.

My grandmother was so strong. With her 87th birthday just weeks away, I never once thought “this is the end”. But I saw her the day after thanksgiving with my fiancé, mother and father. We brought her leftovers and she went to town on them even after saying she wasn’t hungry. She kept telling us she saw my grandfather who has been passed away for over 15 years now and even then it still didn’t sink in.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, grannie got to speak to ALL of her children and grandchildren. And on December 4th, she took her last breath. She woke up at the crack of dawn like she always did. Got dressed, brushed her hair, put on her perfume and lipstick and made her way to breakfast but she wasn’t feeling well.  She complained of a stomach ache and said she was going to lay down for a little while.  She laid down and never woke up.


To sit here and cry over the loss of my grandmother is selfish. Her life was long and full of love. I am so grateful for the time that I have had with her- 31 years of love! And there were times where she forgot what day of the week it was or whether or not she had lunch but she always knew my name and asked how my dog was, how my fiancé was, how my new job was.  She always put others and their needs before her own.

Her heart was physically unhealthy but spiritually, it was pure and filled with love. It saddens me she didn’t live to see Brent and I walk down the aisle but I am comforted by knowing she gave us her blessing and loved him as if he were her own grandson.

This year has been filled with challenges but one thing is certain, I feel closer to my family more than ever before. Brent is not my husband yet but he FEELS like my husband and he has been my ROCK through all of this.  We have come together and are connecting on deeper levels.


Just goes to show you that, grandma is bringing us all together in the name of love, even after her passing.

Rest in Peace, Grannie!

Bridal Shower

My Bridal Shower was two weeks ago.






The fact that I am a bride has not fully sunk in.


My wedding is in 3 months! THREE!

Building up to the Shower, my lovely mother and amazing bridesmaids made the executive decision that I wear a “white” dress to my shower. As a plus sized woman, white is probably the one color that I would NEVER EVER wear (wedding day doesn’t count). And as the all showed me their gorgeous black and lace dresses, I was trying on sheets, tents, and even potato sacks. Of course, I’m exaggerating. But after weeks of online ordering and returning, I finally found a dress that was comfortable, stylish and not at all like a potato sack.


Thank you The dress was named White Haute Cocoa. Very appropriate.


The one thing I got to decide for my shower was WHERE. We had all toyed around with different ideas but jeez NYC is an expensive place.


Speaking with recently wed Sarah, she inspired me with her lovely dim sum bridal shower to have just that. A Dim Sum Bridal Shower. I love dim sum and I love something different.


I gave the tip to my planners and they went with it. My job was to wear something white and arrive.

On November 9th, Brent escorted me to the bustling area of Chinatown where I entered Jing Fong for several hours of delicious dishes. I wish I had pictures of the food but being the honorary guest made me feel obligated to bounce from table to table to speak to my dear friends. Some highlights: Bacon wrapped shrimp, dumplings, steamed broccoli, shrimp fried rice, sweet and sour pork, walnut shrimp, beef with broccoli and roasted chicken. (took home leftovers for days!)


We played a few bridal shower games. Toilet paper bride. Whats in your purse. Etc.


And my cake. Oh Me, Oh My. I requested a Dominican Cake and boy did they deliver. A huge cake with strawberry filling and meringue icing. Dominican cake can be pretty hit or miss but this was awesome. The cake was dense but not dry or overly moist. The frosting was sweet but over powering at all. Score to the girls for choosing a bakery in my hood that sells the cake by the slice ($1.25 for a slab!!!) 10410270_10152847110610421_6997482719957952679_n

We had some extra time to kill so I opened presents! Yay Presents! I got 2 ninja blenders (!!!!!!!) 2 cake plates, an awesome wine basket for the first year of marriage, and a beautiful spa basket (from my bridesmaids!) I also received monetary contributions to my honeymoon registry. ^.^

This really happened.


I hear there is a bachelorette party in the works.

Pray for me.

The Palm Tribeca- Lobstah!


, , , ,

Well, look who decided to share.
I will admit that in the last few months, when B and I are about to sit down to a dinner at a nice restaurant, he sighs with the “you’re not really going to take photos of your food here, are you?” face and I quickly snap shut my phone case like I was only checking the time. It’s not just B, though. There are restaurants that outright ban photo taking. And as a blogger for fun, stopping for a second to actually eat my meal without remembering the photo op, has been fun as well. I have even noticed service has changed- I never stopped to think of how my constant photo taking effected the folks serving me my dinner.
I won’t completely stop taking photos all together but when the photos come, they will be more specialer (that’s a word because I say so).
Back when I worked in Lower Manhattan, I had a hankering for lobster. I was on the internet searching and searching for a place to have a lobster dinner that wasn’t a shack or bar. It was, after all, my 2 year anniversary with B- our last anniversary before we become Mr. and Mrs. While complaining about the lack of lobster establishments to choose from (other than Red Lobster), my mother had suggested I go to the Palm.
The Palm, which has several locations in NY and several more all over the country, was having a special at the time. A 4 lb lobster, 2 appetizers and a side for $99; to make it a 5lber, add $20. We went to the Palm Tribeca which was in a convenient location for the both of us to get to. We got there at 6pm on a Friday and dinner service was definitely starting to pick up.


We both decided that we were greedy bastards and the 4 lb lobster to share just wouldn’t be enough… so we got the 5 lb. And a 3rd appetizer. And a bottle of champagne.
We aren’t wealthy by any means but we do enjoy going on a dinner to splurge or treat ourselves. It’s our monthly ritual. So when we chatted up our server about champagnes (because anniversary!) he talked us into getting the more expensive bottle that was on sale if we joined their club.
So we joined.
We couldn’t resist. They said something about a free lobster on your birthday!!!



Our new thing, or should I say Brent’s new thing is Caesar salads before the main course. We ordered our Caesar salads but he added an order of calamari because we were so hungry and its calamari! Both were delicious. The dressing on the Caesar, just thinking about it, makes my mouth water. So creamy and tangy. The calamari was crisp and delicious.




The server came over shortly after our appetizer plates were cleared to drape lobster bibs over us. Such service! And when the MONSTER lobster came out in pieces, they shelled that bad boy right in front of us. A little awkward, I will admit BUT the young man assisting us was quite the conversationalist once we started to pull some teeth (Where are you from? How do you like working here?) Once our lobster was completely shelled, we went in.


In hinsdsight, the 4lb lobster was MORE than enough especially after all the starters and the heavy goat cheese and chive mashed potatoes (omg SOOO good), and even as we spooned the last of the mashed potatoes into our mouths and swallowed the last drops of the champagne I couldn’t believe my ears when we both agreed to order dessert.


One dessert. The coffee and donuts special. A brown paper bag filled with cinnamon sugar dusted donut holes with a chocolate and raspberry dipping sauce. And a cup of coffee


Fat assness. We ate all of it and considered walking home. We walked for 20 minutes after. We still were disgustingly full.
Now that we are members, I can’t wait to go back! I’d definitely skip the salad though.
Just kidding. I’d do it all over again! (but maybe skip lunch?)

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes!!!

Such an appropriate title.

First and foremost, it’s been way too long. My sincerest apologies. In the past few weeks months a lot has changed. My steady city job, the one I had held for nearly ten years is no more. Fear not, the decision to move on was mine- albeit hard, but now as a woman in my 30’s about to be someone’s wife, I felt a change was in order.

And boy did everything change.

I battled for weeks with the idea of leaving the office where I felt like I grew up; up until the very last day. With the lovely gifts and cards my now-former colleagues left me with great memories which I will surely cherish. And now as I have been reporting to my new assignment in a different part of the city, in an office that is completely different from everything I have ever known, I finally feel- for lack of a better term- grown up.

What a year 2014 has been. Got engaged. Got a new apartment. And got a new job. Sure, the wedding venue fiasco was a disaster- but all in all, I have really truly been blessed.

While the learning curve at my new position is steep, I am trying to get back into a blogging rotation. I miss my platform. I miss uploading photos of my latest dishes- we are still eating well in the MR/BR household. Rodriguez 09-26-14 78

Before I end this post, I wanted to give you all a sneak peak into our engagement shoot on the most gorgeous September day in Central Park.

Rodriguez 09-26-14 44

The shoot was a nice taste of what the wedding day will be like.

Gah, I’m getting married in 4 months!

Lunch at the Palm Court


, ,

Over 4th of July weekend, Brent was offered a new job. So many changes happening so fast. We were so ecstatic! In light of this new and much more demanding job, Brent thought it would be best to take a few days off together before he started to spend some quality time together. A month shy of our two year anniversary, he made reservations for lunch and told me to dress up.

20140724_105006 20140724_105133

Playing hooky AND getting to dress up?

Yes please.


We summoned our personal driver (jk, we used UBER) and he told the driver to deliver us to The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. My face flushed and my tummy was filled with butterflies. When Brent wants to impress me, he doesn’t hold back.

We arrived to the nearly empty but very beautiful Palm Court midday on a Friday. He, dressed in his best suit, and me, dressed in the dress I wore to my college graduation (it fits!!!).

Diets be damned today as we ordered glasses of champagne. To Brent’s new career, and to our 2nd year together. Our last anniversary as unmarried folk.

20140724_120427 20140724_120805

Our server, named Ruggero (also the name of our wedding coordinator), was impressive. His service was impeccable and his demeanor was professional and friendly.


For starters, I ordered the strachietella mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes and crisp romaine lettuce drizzled with a thick balsamic glaze. He ordered the calamari. One of his favorites.


That appetizer was amazing. I craved burrata for days and possibly weeks after!


He had a pasta with Bolognese for his main course 20140724_123355

and I had the seared halibut with quinoa and wilted greens. 20140724_123407

The halibut was good but I was still thinking about the strachietella. Lol.


We ended the meal with a strong and foamy cappuccino and some dessert. I ordered the chocolate tart that was too rich to finish and Brent ordered the mille crepe which was outstanding and quite perfect for such a large lunch.


The lunch lasted 2.5 hours. We rolled out of lunch, satisfied and sleepy.


A beautiful lunch!

A once in a lifetime experience.

A lunch that cost more than dinner at my favorite steak house.

Going to play lotto so I can one day eat strachietella every day at the Palm Court.

Next on our list. Afternoon Tea Service at the Palm Court!


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