I met up with a group of Yelpers ( way before I was ill) before we hit opening night of a play in the city. Upon the recommendation of Phil, we met up at Tony’s DiNapoli in Times Square. Being that its Times Square, AKA the Tourist Trap, I didn’t really have high expectations of this place. But Phil assured us that this Family Style restaurant was definitely a good find.


We were seated at a plush booth in a back corner of the restaurant overlooking the entire dining room. The walls are adorned with caricatures of some of Broadways Finest plays. We were seated next to the “In the Heights” portrait.

There were 5 of us meeting for an early Sunday Dinner and since Phil was a returning customer, we took his advice to heart when it came to ordering. The restaurant makes dishes that are large enough to serve 2 – 3 people.


We decided on the zucchini chips with marinara sauce for one of our appetizers. This was amazing. The chips were crisp on the outside and soft in the inside with a thick and homemade tomato sauce to dip in. I greedily helped myself to 3 servings.


We also got the cheesy stuffed mushrooms. These were well seasoned and quite tasty. we each got 3 mushrooms a piece- hoorah!


For one of our entrees, we ordered the penne a la vodka with mushrooms. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the vodka sauce was tasty. And even as I write this, I am still surprised by how much I enjoyed it. lol.


We also ordered rigatoni with marinara, eggplant and fresh mozzarella. Surprisingly delicious. This was probably my favorite pasta dish. But really, when there is cheese and eggplant- you cant go wrong!


We ordered Tony’s Chicken for our protein. Grilled pieces of chicken breast with warm balsamic glazed tomatoes. This was just okay. I thought for the price, the chicken could have been thicker. It was very thin. Not very juicy. Kind of forgettable.


My modest helping.


When time for dessert rolled around, we were all pretty full and I suggested ordering the REGULAR sized dessert as opposed to the group sized dessert. A few disagreed but in the end, they relented and then a BRICK of tiramisu came out. It fed us all and then some. I also nursed a tasty espresso.

This was quite a treat before a play. Great company. Great Food! Too bad the play was awful. But would I go back to Tony’s? Most definitely!


Happy Veteran’s Day to all my Readers/Friends/ Family who are serving or have served our country! Your hard work is appreciated!