No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are Two MAMMOTH chicken legs! Let me just say something about Fresh Directs Organic Chicken… OH MY GOD! These legs are the ones I saved from the Grill when Henry was grilling. So glad he didnt char every piece of chicken i purchased! But I decided to whip out all of the organic veggies I could stand and serve them up with some broiled chicken. I love broiled chicken- but I hate cooking in this heat! so I use my toast-r-oven.

Kath has kale chips like every other day and when i saw some organic greens on sale, kale was on the list so i figured why not. Kale is actually a cinch to make! and once I get my hands on some more I will be cooking it! I took a small bunch of kale, cleaned it really well and let it drip dry in my colander. Once ready, I peeled off the stems because they are too tough to munch. ripped them into bite size pieces and laid them on a cookie sheet, sprayed with oil and sprinkled with sea salt. I put them in the toast-r-oven for 18 minutes on 350 degrees.

While the kale was cooking, i got to my zucchini and sliced it up like match-sticks. I saw this method on Smitten Kitchen and decided to give it a whirl.

I sauteed my match sticks in a little EVOO and crushed garlic, sprinkled with salt. i set them aside. They were done in 5 minutes!!!
While the veggies were cooking and the chicken settling with its yummy juices, I made some chicken flavored Quinoa with some niblets of corn.

then the kale was ready! I took a bite and thought they tasted a lot like chips. Salty, crunchy and had a slight “green” taste to them. Henry was a bit turned off that he was chewing on a crunchy leaf but he shut up when I gave him hot sauce and ketchup. he LOVED it with Ketchup… but he puts ketchup on his eggs so i think the man just really likes ketchup (gag).

Dinner was a bit over the top. I might have been fine with just the kale chips and chicken – but i eat with my eyes.
So… lots of leftovers.
Henry didnt like the Zukes…but no worries, he left his plate unattended again and Mickey ate his greens…and Quinoa.