I wanted to share a quick recipe.

Had some flatbread lying around and wanted to make a light dinner. With a bunch of stuff already on hand i came up with a really good flatbread pizza!
1 flatbread
2 T of your fav sauce
2 handfuls of shredded Mozzarella (or whatever cheese you like!)
1/2 a roma tomato
1/2 portobello mushroom
1 t dried Basil
Heat the oven to 400* and pour sauce on top.

I grilled the mushrooms before hand but you can add them to the pizza raw. I lawyered cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms and liberally sprinkled fresh basil.

Baked for 15 minutes on a cookie sheet and had the most amazeballs pizza that was soooo easy to make! ( i love when tomatoes get all wrinkly in the oven!)
Its Friday! Who wants to be in the kitchen for longer than 20 mins! there is wine to drink and DVDs to watch!
Have a great Labor Day Weekend my lovelies!
And for those that want to keep it light:

Grilling up a Portobello Mushroom cap can be a great substitute for those trying to get a head start on your New Years Resolution.

Sprinkle with your favorite cheese and place between two slices of your favorite bread
And BOOM. Instant gratification. Meaty-like Veggie Goodness.