Happy End of Summer to you!
As stated last week, i had quite the busy weekend ahead! Day trip to visit Fam in Connecticut, Mini adventure traveling to the far ends of brooklyn and nursing two RIDIC Hangovers…
This post, Ah, this post.
There will be lots of shame.
See, i consumed lots of wine and beer at the uncles house all while my booty was parked on a chair on the deck. My intentions were to capture the sweet family moments… but I got some sweet incriminating photos instead.
I even had a video!
But it didnt upload which might be lucky for the both of us. There were fist pumps involved and mentions of inebriation and amazeballs wine…
So without further ado…
After a quick ride to Stratford Connecticut, my cousins and I popped open a few beers and let the festivities begin.
Me and my hot cuz Ralph. Whaddup Playah? Our Hotness runs in the family. And Sidenote: My mother hates my hair. 😦 Although i gotta say: it looks kinda dumb in these pics so *shrug*

Tia made some dip. It had some peppers, peas, carrots and i think garlic… my breath was a little harsh after eating this…

I kept trying to take pics of my father who was CHEWING every time i snapped a photo. And this is his reaction to me saying “Can you stop CHEWING for a Friggin Second dad? GOSH!” Mom is talking about arthritis.

More chips. Cuz we eat a lot. I found it amusing how the conversations have changed over the years. Way back when we sat at the “kids” table (who am I kiddng? We still sit there), the adults talked about us kids. And Us Kids talked about the adults and how lame they were. And now the “kids” were talking about beer and the adults, Arthritis. Amazing how father time works…

I told you the dip was amazing. And I skipped breakfast and lunch! When my cousin saw me bogarting the dip that way, he put some dogs on the grill.

They were the biggest hot dogs I have ever seen. yeah, yeah, i know: Thats what She Said.

“Pardon me, Do you have any Grey Poupon?”

Many thanks! That, right there folks, might be the reason I am still single. No class whatsoever. No shame either. No matter though. There wasn’t much hope for me in the class department anywho.

By this time I had only consumed two beers… and i started playing with some cheese.

And then the wine came out…

Me and my beautiful mom. Shes getting tossed too! woot!

This is the face i made when my cuz said “we’re getting old” My response “PSH!” and thats the “Psh, im not getting old Beyotch” face. (even though i am getting old *tears*)

Raise your glass if you’re FA-BO-LO-US.

Oh Wine, how i love thee.

Yes, that IS a 2nd bottle! Not pictured is the THIRD bottle.

And a few of your received this picture via text. Its cuz i love you that I annoy you. And i am so cute as a gangsta. (p.s. i need to get my nails did like WHOA) And then i started dancing.
Mom was dancing too. But i am feeling generous today and I spared her. You are all used to me being a moron, so its raining Moron-ery.
Sensing we needed some sustinence to soak up all the alcohol in our bodies, my uncle got the food going. SALAD!

Oven baked taters.

And Ribeyes.

“MMMM, Come to mama”

Juicy and perfectly seasoned steaks. My uncle for sure knows how to entertain. (i also let out the pic/video of him dancing with a tray of ribeyes) Oh, my family!

Everybody eating.

We stood outside till it got dark.. .and I even got a msg on FB from my uncles neighbor telling me we were being really loud… BROOKLYN in the Hizzy. lol.

And after i stopped drunk texting people and dancing with wine, It was time for dessert. And Coffee. Oh how i love coffee.
Ze Headache in the morning on Sunday was a real Mother.
And There was more drankin on Sunday… so stay tuned for that?
Is your family Quirky?