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Well, look who decided to share.
I will admit that in the last few months, when B and I are about to sit down to a dinner at a nice restaurant, he sighs with the “you’re not really going to take photos of your food here, are you?” face and I quickly snap shut my phone case like I was only checking the time. It’s not just B, though. There are restaurants that outright ban photo taking. And as a blogger for fun, stopping for a second to actually eat my meal without remembering the photo op, has been fun as well. I have even noticed service has changed- I never stopped to think of how my constant photo taking effected the folks serving me my dinner.
I won’t completely stop taking photos all together but when the photos come, they will be more specialer (that’s a word because I say so).
Back when I worked in Lower Manhattan, I had a hankering for lobster. I was on the internet searching and searching for a place to have a lobster dinner that wasn’t a shack or bar. It was, after all, my 2 year anniversary with B- our last anniversary before we become Mr. and Mrs. While complaining about the lack of lobster establishments to choose from (other than Red Lobster), my mother had suggested I go to the Palm.
The Palm, which has several locations in NY and several more all over the country, was having a special at the time. A 4 lb lobster, 2 appetizers and a side for $99; to make it a 5lber, add $20. We went to the Palm Tribeca which was in a convenient location for the both of us to get to. We got there at 6pm on a Friday and dinner service was definitely starting to pick up.


We both decided that we were greedy bastards and the 4 lb lobster to share just wouldn’t be enough… so we got the 5 lb. And a 3rd appetizer. And a bottle of champagne.
We aren’t wealthy by any means but we do enjoy going on a dinner to splurge or treat ourselves. It’s our monthly ritual. So when we chatted up our server about champagnes (because anniversary!) he talked us into getting the more expensive bottle that was on sale if we joined their club.
So we joined.
We couldn’t resist. They said something about a free lobster on your birthday!!!



Our new thing, or should I say Brent’s new thing is Caesar salads before the main course. We ordered our Caesar salads but he added an order of calamari because we were so hungry and its calamari! Both were delicious. The dressing on the Caesar, just thinking about it, makes my mouth water. So creamy and tangy. The calamari was crisp and delicious.




The server came over shortly after our appetizer plates were cleared to drape lobster bibs over us. Such service! And when the MONSTER lobster came out in pieces, they shelled that bad boy right in front of us. A little awkward, I will admit BUT the young man assisting us was quite the conversationalist once we started to pull some teeth (Where are you from? How do you like working here?) Once our lobster was completely shelled, we went in.


In hinsdsight, the 4lb lobster was MORE than enough especially after all the starters and the heavy goat cheese and chive mashed potatoes (omg SOOO good), and even as we spooned the last of the mashed potatoes into our mouths and swallowed the last drops of the champagne I couldn’t believe my ears when we both agreed to order dessert.


One dessert. The coffee and donuts special. A brown paper bag filled with cinnamon sugar dusted donut holes with a chocolate and raspberry dipping sauce. And a cup of coffee


Fat assness. We ate all of it and considered walking home. We walked for 20 minutes after. We still were disgustingly full.
Now that we are members, I can’t wait to go back! I’d definitely skip the salad though.
Just kidding. I’d do it all over again! (but maybe skip lunch?)